Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Future of Humans – Becoming the Anunnaki’s Biological Robots


As the Lesser Paradise approaches fruition, the Remnants are culling the “undesirables” from the planet. These “undesirables” are not limited to humans. Many animals are also targeted. This culling is being done by many means, but underlying much of the culling is the development of programmed responses to certain types, which makes the culling more invisible and palatable for the masses. For instance, since the Remnants are apprehensive of various dog breeds such as Staffordshire terriers, Rottweilers, Dobermann pinschers and German shepherds, many incidents involving these breeds have been highly publicized to justify restriction and culling of the breeds. Animals, like humans, can be programmed genetically and/or environmentally to behave erratically, which can then be used to their detriment by the ruling elite to justify culling of the unwanted ones. This has been done regarding the above-mentioned breeds of dogs.
Humans are also being culled by various means. The bottom line is that the Remnants want a “perfect” breed of slaves among the humans. “Perfection” to the Remnants is that which will best serve their Anunnaki masters. The culling of the humans has begun.
The main targets of the ruling elite’s culling are those that are more difficult to control or deemed to be useless. They can belong to unions, bike gangs, philosophical, political and/or religiously radical organizations, insurgent groups, ethnic or cultural minorities and so on. Whilst they may be unsavoury to many, they are not criminals by association, and their membership in a group should not justify their being culled. One thing will be certain as the ruling elite aggressively cull the undesirables – once the more offensive ones are eliminated, the less offensive ones will surely be next in being culled.
Nearly all organizations that could pose a danger to the Anunnaki plans have been thoroughly infiltrated and compromised. All that remains in the way of the Anunnaki plans for their Lesser Paradise is to exterminate the few individuals who still hold the principles of liberty dear in their hearts. Many of these individuals have already been identified by agents of the ruling elite, and they will be in the early culling roundups.
What many academics have accepted as human physiological evolution is really the various stages of “design” changes by Anunnaki scientists who were “perfecting” their ultimate slaves. The “perfect” slaves needed to be very utilitarian to their masters, but never a real threat to the Anunnaki authority. Therefore, the Anunnaki have deliberately “developed” humans to have certain weaknesses built into their genetic patterns to make them more controllable.
The next stage for the human development will involve the insertion of artificial consciousnesses into many people. When this is accomplished, all that will remain of the hybrid humans will be the biological bodies, which will be driven by the Anunnaki-designed, artificial consciousnesses. Strictly speaking, the future of humans is to become biological robots for the Anunnaki Remnants.
As the artificial consciousnesses invade human bodies, the human consciousnesses will evacuate the bodies, be forcibly removed, or suppressed by the invading artificial consciousnesses. Most of the bodies will be unaware of the change in consciousness, and they will perform nearly as before, but as more obedient slaves to their Anunnaki masters.

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