Thursday, October 27, 2016

Unveiling the Art of Alchemy pt1


Black Earth Productions:
The Validity of all of this no man can claim as his own. And the Symptoms of Sorcery is everywhere. Get everyone distracted into a Mind Controlled Apathetic mind state of false comfort while they Slowly Rot away from the inside out. FUCK!!! It's fucking Pathetic. Most will NEVER question Reality or Change or could give a shit about transforming from within to embrace this process. I came to shake this Paradigm, not to Sloth in the Brainwash like a lamb led to slaughter.., be encouraged.
The worst thing is that one blindly BAAL-ievs anything without seeking to verify it through their own research and experience into Knowing. The purpose of this is to Encourage others to seek proper knowledge that can guide and assist them to a better knowing of themselves, and of our world. Passio has even stated what I say himself. The Middle Pillar. YES! Is that path of Sun Moon and Stars, but Polarity as it currently stands in the world is based upon Extremes, not the Collapse into Union.., 

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