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Wind Turbines - Curse or Blessing ?

Wind Turbines - Curse or Blessing ? preface
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'There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, and there is not a vice that does not live by secrecy.
Bring these cover-ups in the daylight, describe it, and make it ridiculous before the eyes of all, and sooner or later, public opinion will sweep them away.
Disclosure alone may not be enough; but it is the only means, without all the other fail'
- Joseph Pulitzer
index (clickable)
1.  Infrasound
2.  the Strobing Effect
3.  other wind turbines generated noise
4.  Dirty Electricity
5.  Wind Turbines contaminate Ground Water
6.  The Wind Turbine Syndrome
7.  Wind Turbines Kill Birds
8.  Wind Turbines Kill Bats
9.  Wind Power is Inefficient
10. self-inflammation of Wind Turbines
11. Wind Turbines to collapse
Headwind: Citizens' Initiatives
12. The Neodymium Issue
closing words
'We're the unwilling guinea pigs in your experiment with wind energy'
Resident of a wind industry zone in MA / U.S. report on a hearing about their experiences and concerns.

preamble I
A request: try the issues covered in my investigation/compilation/blog not to understand dogmatic or religious.
Just take the facts and stay open.
Try to schedule about an hour for reading.
The Wind-Energy-Madness, Parsifal, November 24, 2014
For most people who see windmills from far off there is no worry about the effects of wind turbine noise, but to those who live close enough to experience it on a daily basis, it can make a huge impact on their lives.

it should be noted
'wind farms', always talk in terms of 'capacity' rather than output.
That's because they only operate about 30 percent of the time.
Nobody has yet invented a way to store commercial quantities of electricity and it may be impossible without building facilities of equally gargantuan dimensions - say an entire city block of rechargeable batteries.
Without any means of storage, wind power is essentially a nuisance; see below for further explanation.

preamble II
'A wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into electrical power'.
It is true that wind turbines themselves emit no carbon dioxide or other so called greenhouse gases during their lifetime.
It is true wind is a free 'fuel'.
It is true with wind energy there is no fuel to drill, frack, mine, transport or burn.
It is true the wind is inconsistent, unsteady and unpredictable.
It is true wind is not blowing as needed, with wind power can be operated no power grid.
It is true with a crumbling economy, a global financial crisis, energy consumption has meanwhile declined - more of this below
Here, (Germany) electricity prices rise almost every year, hundreds of thousands of households are disconnected from the power supply due to illiquidity = energy poverty!
It is true for each of these large wind farms has to be built in the same output a shadow power plant in the form of a gas turbine and kept to be constantly in stand-by or ready - more below - see Inefficiency
It is true 'Wind power is the world's fastest growing energy source' - Greenpeace UK statement
Worth to mention Greenpeace is an energy provider and makes business with wind energy…
'We supply Electricity, Gas and Visions': We are Greenpeace poorly translated article by google from German to English, URL shortened:
Prepossession, clash of interests, discrepancy, coincidence, hypocrisy ?
So Greenpeace at the expense of all electricity customers in Germany is able to cash significantly more than by declining annual contributions from some of their good faith, partly ideologized members - more below
It is true that a wind turbine detract from the aesthetic appearance of a skyline or a neighborhood.

It is true wind power is absolutely not cheap and like many energy sources, rely on government subsidies to remain competitive.
It is true derived electricity can not be cached - (we speak here not of kilowatts - The kilowatt is equal to one thousand [10³] watts, but discuss mega - giga and terawatts; the terawatt is equal to one trillion [10¹²] watts) - and must, therefore, immediately be fed to the consumption in the power grids to the consumers.
Voltage spikes in the grid must instantly be compensated as well as bottlenecks to be supplemented, and all of this in international cooperation, at the same time, synchronous, with reasonable foresight.
To achieve this goal,
currently emerging surplus must be immediately sold at a loss (so-called minus revenue !) and shortages to be purchased expensive to balance a vulnerable grid so that actually from the beginning the wind energy, as a reliable producer, was never in question.
Such transactions must be decided within seconds and ALWAYS lead to enormous day after day losses in the six-figure euro area for the energy suppliers, on the grounds that wind energy is 'so highly efficient, reliable, and can reduce the CO2 emissions to fulfill the climate targets'.
This is also a reason that stock exchanges-oriented bargains with renewable forms of energy, in particular the unpredictable wind, produce (oh, what a surprise) no returns for the investors but on the basis of state subsidies create only a profit for the operator.
This is also a reason that after about 20-25 years, so if the forced subsidization by taxpayers of all wind farms expires, industrial ruins of gigantic scope left behind and, in turn, if still affordable to be removed on the shoulders of the taxpayers.
Wind-rich areas which produce peak-power must transport their surpluses to areas with demand in hundreds or thousands of kilometers long electric transmission lines.
High-power electrical transmission lines that either do yet not exist are out of date or simply of insufficient capacity and contribute a big deal to 'landscape beautification'.
It is also true wind energy is a serious, progressive expanding hazard.
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To explore this 'clean' and 'green' energy, I invite you to follow me far down the rabbit hole, one step at a time where we will discover how a positive perception towards wind energy has systematically been produced for the good minded to portray wind energy as a positive, renewable resource.

This photo shows the turbulence coming from wind turbines in Denmark. 
It may help to illustrate why one family on the 'upwind' side may have a completely different experience with many kind of noise as a family on the 'downwind' side of these turbines.
They can each create vortices equal to the turbulence created by a 747 aircraft


As the wind power industry press ahead in the forests and calls this movement ecological and, thus, loses the last bastion of innocence, so think also the ministries of Finance with the CO2 tax (also known by the misleading name eco-tax).
The formula is this:

'Take the money of the plebs and give it to the rich.
Don't forget to call the whole fair'.

Wind farms are in reality an unsystematic and conceptless distribution of wind turbines which destroy landscape sustainable.
The wind turbines will not provide the communities with electricity, but it is only deducted the natural resources to the expense of the quality of life of the region by the wind-turbine operators.
The municipalities are allowed to collect money for their 'prostituting the landscape'.
And tax deductible grants, so maybe like a fire truck (as a matter of prudence because windmills may catch fire - as you may learn below) or some cheapens current or special benefits for special merits of special people.
Also profit some land-or forest-owners whose 'proximity' to the municipal council is often more than striking...

The efficiency of wind turbines is well below the destructive value that they cause with attendance - see above.
Alone the Infrasound waves which they generate induce health effects in humans and animals and are to justify with nothing.
However, the wind industry is very good at sales propaganda and PR.

New energy concepts are important ! 
Fukushima and many other nuclear accidents have shown that the supply of energy is not to be placed in the irresponsible hands of large corporations !
Regional thinking and action is more in demand than ever, and decentralized, as well as private energy production (think of most inventive open source free energy i.e. here) should take precedence over the boundless greed of the windmill-operators:

The subsidies let any shame and every decency crumble and, the electricity generated in a certain area will be at the expense of the general public fed into the power grid and sold on the international energy market (the newly invented term 'minus-bargain' describes it all) !
Big money but get the operators of the wind turbines, who also cash the subsidies and incentives !

The municipalities fobbed with trivia (currently because of a declining income at dumping value of up to only 30.000 euros per wind turbine on an average) and a few estate owners will receive pleasant 'benefits' for allocations of about 8.000 euros each turbine/year.
For the individual, there is neither savings nor financial benefit.

On the contrary, with his tax money, including Carbon Tax, he is feeding windmill corporations via state granted furtherance's and pays for their 'little assiduities' to their assets in the communities like the gift of an emergency vehicle or other donations.
Even then he pays - if for any reason - he is not in support of this type of floppy.
If the wind turbines are out of date, the operator-corporations are already long gone. (Are now piling up bankruptcy proceedings of corporations, which past a phasing-out of subsidies are easily liquidated in this way).
Left behind the industrial ruins: Scrap-wind turbines, the many-meter deep and wide concrete foundations for each unimaginable 80- to 200 meter high (Megawatt) turbine approx 1.500 cubic meters (UHPC Ultra High Performance Concrete - typically used for the 200+meter overall types), for which, however, never disposal plans have existed, access roads for construction and maintenance, crane pads, power collection network... and the moldy aftertaste that a few unimaginative - unsuspecting - and low-level-zero-prospects-politicians have done a damage, far beyond their term of office and beyond.
'... That seems to be everywhere', told me a former Provincial Environment Minister and forest owner in an interview.

With the arguments of the animal and plant life presented to these people is not a lot to achieve but this insight may already be clear.
Also that for local politicians the quality of life of their citizens is of no importance is also significant.
But maybe is understood yes, the argument that the land prices declined and a debasement of real estate priceshappened. (Also here, there already exist studies and testimonials).
And that for the 'soft tourism' yes, then rather rudely, 'runs out the wind' probably goes without saying, if ever trendy, larger wind turbines to be placed in our landscape instead to operate sustainable landscape management and Conservation of Nature.

The times in which 'everything from above is good' have come to an end.
But, these times have in fact never existed !
'Just because the wind is free doesn't mean that it is a cheap way of generating electricity'
- Director of The Renewable Energy FoundationJohn Constable

Industrial-Scale Turbines Make People Sick
Wind Turbines sited near people's homes do severely impact the health of many of those living close.... 

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