Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Chakra Removal: My Experience


I feel my entire vessel as a chakra. Unified. The removal of the chakras is not actually a removal, but more of a unifying into One. Even if this unification is only a perceptual experience and the chakras still existed beyond my ability to perceive them, it has made it so much easier to accept responsibility for myself and have increased balance and flow. There are no mental possibilities of my chakras being out of balance which is what is causing this random obstacle in my life. No, instead I am creating my life and every single experience in it. Every moment is a divine gift from my higher self, God. Any idea of an obstacle is not seen as an imbalance but instead an opportunity to experience the love that I am in a new way. I experience a source core in my chest/solar plexus area. Different than any chakra I used to have. I still experience the column of energy that goes from the bottom of my spine to the top of my head, but it feels more smooth and free flowing. This is the tube created from the toroid of my energy field, at least this is how I experience it. Certain areas of the tube will energize depending on what kinds of energies I am connecting to. I am in better health than I have ever been, my intuition is more in tune than ever, and I am experiencing a kind of continuous synchronistic flow with the Universe that honestly completely demolishes the ideas of classical physics that I was taught growing up. I hear peoples thoughts, as well as have telekinesis and healing abilities. I understand that all people can do these things as we are all the Universe. I have taken my own path of experience though. In my first two awakening experiences I still had chakras. Once I removed them I was worried I would not be able to have any more experiences, but that worry was soon dissolved as I awoke beyond my fear and had many more experiences. Now my life is a continuous awakening experience , each day the Universe talks with me and I am able to hear it. Not just in my head, but in the wind, in the people in my life, in the random noises my house makes, in muscle twitches in my body, and more. The ways in which I recognize this communication is growing each day. So its not to say that chakras are wrong in any way at all. I have simply made my experience much more simple, because the idea of chakras for me was creating a separation in how I thought about things. Now it is so incredibly simple for me. I just act in the way that reflects to me the love that I really am. I relax in all moments, understanding that each moment is a divine gift for my highest evolution. Knowing this, I need not resist a thing. Instead I feel deep gratitude always for the continuous gift I am receiving. I know and accept that others may not agree with my experience, or may agree on a very deep level. Whatever their choosing is for themselves and not I. We are all allowed our own path beyond all judgement. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I also do one on one sessions over Skype to remove chakras and instruct people on using energy while connecting to them with my energy so I can feel their shifts and guide them with my words and energy as well as work with them intuitively. I also do tarot, telekinesis instruction and guidance, sub conscious reprogramming, energy healing, and spiritual counseling. My email is

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