Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Science and Metaphysics of the GOAT


Metaphysics and Science of the GOAT: Commentary with Dr. Phil Valentine.., 

In the beginning.., symbols and archetypes were used for study and meditation., later.., these things were kept from us in their pure form. AS A MAN or WOMAN THINKS.., SO THEY WILL BE. Through study of these energies and Archetypes we come to understand what is already within us and how to access these things.., this is one of the 4 Sacred arts. The true ritual is within.., via HIGHER SELF that shows you and brings you into your true self.., the First Pollution is THOUGHT Pollution.., if THOUGHT then is in alignment with the Core.., and the Highest of the High.., that's when all things become possible.., we are all burning past alot.., just remember it's all about your state of mind.., and depending on the energy and frequency you are "tuned" to.., it will determine where the rest goes.., To inner and over-stand what is being presented here.., you must first know how Aeons ago sorcerers and black magicians began the systematic destruction of all keys to the ancient wisdom in proper knowledge so that none might have access to the knowledge in wisdom necessary to reach adept ship without first becoming one of their order.., even so.., they mutilated the symbolism of the mysteries while professing to preserve them so that even though the neophyte who passed through initiations could not fully secure the proper knowledge in wisdom to which they were entitled to.., there are those of us that are here and know these things and know the difference.., and are here to put them back into their proper place and original office.., and it's through the inversion and misinterpretation of these principles that Idolatry and world Religions were introduced by encouraging the worship of the images which in the beginning the wise had erected solely as symbols for study and meditation in gnosis.., as in this case.., as in any case.., false or limited interpretations were given to the Emblems and Archetypes and figures of the Mysteries coupled with elaborate theologies and stories were created around them to confuse the minds of their devotees so that the masses are then deprived of their spiritual birthright and inheritance not knowing the difference end up groveling in confusion and ignorance and unknowingly become abject slaves to the spiritual impostors.., they have been using these principles against us to enslave us instead of it setting us free as these things were originally intended to keep intact.., the purpose of this upload is because it's time to take these principles back into their proper place of alignment as they were in the beginning.., in Purity.., in Wisdom and Proper Knowledge.., in Balance.., undoing all superstition and ignorance..,

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