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The name Tara has been used to describe the future earth in its 5D form in the Soul Matrix Universe. Our planet Earth exists in three main formed identities in this Universal Time Matrix.
3D Earth is called Earth or Terra, 5D Earth is Called Tara and 7D earth is called Gaia. Different E.T. Races and extra dimensionals may call these future Earths by different names based on their language. (Such as Urantia) They are all planet Earth at different stages of evolution in the Timelines.
The 5D planet Tara exploded millions of years ago and as a result, was sucked into a reversal black hole which fragmented the entire fifth dimensional planetary blueprint into 12 planetary bodies in our current third dimensional Solar System. This includes the 3D version of Earth we inhabit in this Time Vector of the Universal Time Matrix. These 12 planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldek, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Nibiru and then the Sun star. Current science recognizes only seven planets of the twelve in our Solar System, along with dwarf planets. [1]
Tara and Tiamat aspects were companions in a Binary Star system in the higher dimensions. Binary Star Systems are common for ascending planets with advanced races. Tiamats explosion and destruction in the 5D universe, along with the planetary cataclysm of Tara, is the reason our planet earth descended and has an artificial satellite which is theMoon.
The 5D Earth Planet Tara was a sister planet to another 5D planet known as Tiamat of which her bodily remnants are located in the 5D Universe as the asteroid belt that is between the planet bodies known as Mars and Jupiter. The planet Maldek is the counterpart of the bodily remnants of Tiamat in the 3D Universe of which the asteroid belt exists between Mars and Jupiter. This means that the asteroid belt we see in the 3D Universe is Maldek's exploded planet, and the asteroid belt in the 5D Universe is Tiamat's exploded planetary body.
The Asteroid Belt with its comets move in a retrograde orbit, as does Nibiru. The Asteroid Belt has remained in the approximate place in the solar system as the former planet, Tiamat in 5D, and Maldek in 3D.
Tiamat was essentially the Taran 5D earth body Twin planet, and her consciousness was captured into Phantom Matrix and tethered to the Niburu planet trajectory in order to stabilize its orbit in our 3D Solar System. This Annunakialien architecture between Tiamat and Nibiru is called Wormwood, which is used as an ET Outpost and its main structure is attached to planet Earth in the 11th Stargate NET in the United Kingdom, Stonehenge area. Nibiru is also called Marduk by the ancient Babylonians.
The Ascension Cycle transpiring on 3D Earth gives us the opportunity to reclaim these 5D fragments and consciousness pieces that were exploded and damaged in these cataclysms and Extradimensional wars.

Earth and Taran Seedings

SEEDING TWO and SEEDING THREE 3 –5D Tara and 3D Earth
  • Root Race 3 -Lemurians DNA STRAND 2
  • Root Race 4 - Atlantian DNA STRAND 3
  • Root Race 5 – Aryan DNA STRAND 4
  • Root Race 6 – Muvarian DNA STRAND 5
  • Root Race 7 – Paradisian/YunaSetis STRAND 6 (Future Earth)

Gaian Seeding

The first seedings of the first two Root Races occurred on the 7D version of our planet called Gaia.

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