Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tesseract Technology - Bringing Objects From 4D Into 3D

2D Tesseract Frequency Plate

Bringing it from 4D instantly, thats how things get done fast, I mean fast.


Reason 62:
The knowledge of the organic cube was taken from Egypt now given the title the Flower of Life.

The Egyptians used this to visually encase matter within in it. Then it was used to move things, especially large objects, around with their minds. Meditating on this Geometric Shape incorrectly will help solidify the Cubic frame of the body we are already trapped in thus it is not the chariot.

The real purpose for these shapes is an Art called Tesseract, which is the shape you see on the right. This is for bringing things into this dimension from the 4th.

6 Protons 6 Electrons 6 Neutrons, our body is the Carbon structure of the Cube, the Beast, but not our Spirit.

The Flower of Life later became Metatron’s Cube when the lines were made straight.
  • TAEL-Tale- Tail- We come to our favorite Reptilian appendage the tail along with the word always used for the erroneous stories we are told especially as children i.e. Fairy Tales, Wives Tales, and Tall Tales.
  • VAEL-Veil: A very powerful word from my point of view, this is what creates the Illusion. The world walks about Veiled meaning unable to see the truth.
  • WAEL-Wail-Whale: To continuously cry and our aquatic friends known to originate on the Aquatic Moon Europa and also Sirius along with Dolphins.
  • YAEL- Yale-Yell: To scream and also the famous University which still has the Seal of the Urim and the Thummim, the ancient Hebraic Rune Stones. These are objects of magic used by the Levite Priest. This is also the home of Skull and Bones code number (322) March 22 turn of the Equinox.
  • ZAEL-Zeal: It is noted in the Bible a man named Phinehas showed "Zeal" meaning in this case lots of aggressive energy to rain destruction upon the Gentiles and go to murder for Godand this was shined upon. There are numerous ancestral tribes with an abundance of blood on their hands. If we chose to follow their religions we will share their same fate. Keep in mind many indigenous tribes claim to learn the worship of the serpent from Atlantians who arrived on their coasts with abnormal powers after the destruction of their city in the late month of Aether which is our October, Aeth is pronounced, Eight. October is our 10th month but Octo means eight. This shows you how purposely off the Gregorian calendar is. As I said above 2012 is happening now.

The Tesseract shows how the circle "sphere" can be squared in to a Matrix.

Unfolding the Tesseract.

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