Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Anunnaki Trap & Deception - Especially For The Good Followers

Once in a while I surf the net to tap into the state of mind in general. Different subjects, I read in forums, read posts here and there, and that gives me an overview of where we are at in terms of waking up.
One of the most puzzling things I came across lately was the subject of the Anunnaki. There is literally some hype going on. Videos are made of how wonderful it will be when the Anunnaki return, and it seems that a large part of humanity can't even wait for their alien overlords. The sad part is, these people think they are awake.
Here is one example that I found:

Annunaqi will walk the Earth as God(s) again after defilements have been extinguished, impurities cannot be changed, the impurities are not eligible for the Annunaqi.

The Annunaqi will return after depopulation takes place on Earth, the NAO (New Age Order) will be born before the return of the Annunaqi.

All disagreeable, negative (evil) must perish before their arrival, the Annunaqi know the Draconian desires to re-join them. 

This is not the full post, but it highlights how retarded people are. For years everybody has been bitching about the NWO and their agenda. But now, you give it an alien flavor, call it New Age Order and everything is hunky dory. Are you fucking kidding me?
Let's dissect this:
The Anunnaki will walk the earth as gods again (I refuse to use a capital letter here , because they are lesser gods, not Creator Source, plain and simple) Defilements need to be extinguished. Very interesting, especially since it is not defined anywhere what that might be. Impurities cannot be changed. Ahhh, now we get a small clue. Impurities such as environmental pollution can be changed and cleansed, so it seems we are talking about living beings here, humans to be precise. The next part is a blatant giveaway: The impurities are not eligible for the Anunnaki. Once again, what makes you "impure" is not defined, but going back to ancient sources, we might get some insight. Has everybody forgotten that someone from this group set himself up as god and eliminated everyone who did not pledge their allegiance to him? So, everybody who has ever complained about evil governments killing human beings because they think differently and who are in agreement with that statement in this post at the same time, please shut the fuck up, once and for all. What you are supporting here is not any better, it is a call for genocide, and you think that this is the most wonderful thing in the world.

In case you think I am exaggerating, read the next part: The Annunaqi will return after depopulation takes place on Earth. Depopulation, Georgia Guidestones, evil vaccination programs. Ever complained about this? Then how comes you give a +1 for this statement? In your naivety you might tell yourself a story that this is pertaining to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers. Really? When was the last time you did some serious maths? These factions, the so called elites, do not comprise more than 1% of the population. You call that depopulation? Even if you add their lower minions, you do not exceed more than 3%. Boys and girls, what makes you think that you are not included in this depopulation? Because you are a good follower? Because you are very ok with your fellow men being culled by the overlords? I've got news for you, these elites, that you despise so much, are doing the bidding for the alien overlords. My guess is, they are safer than you ever will be. Do yourself a favor and really find out who brought the wars, our corrupt financial systems and our religions to us, and then I hope you will finally have an original thought, because you did not have one in a real long time. You support ideas based on sympathy and so called friendship, you do not question anything. You are under mind control.

How about no more rulers? Government by definition is mind control. If you still think you need to be ruled by anyone, you have not comprehended a lot. The Anunnaki are part of the false light agenda. Yes, there are certainly benevolent ones, but the ones who are eager to take control over this planet, humanity and extinguish everybody who does not fall in line do not belong into that category.

To the Anunnaki:
The resistance is alive and kicking. The resistance has infiltrated many of your branches. We do NOT consent. We will not go silently into the night. You have been infected by the archons at large. You might threaten us with total extermination, but that will mean your own extermination, because you have violated universal law (do no harm) time and again. If you wanted, needed or desired anything from us, you could have asked, politely. WE ARE NOT YOUR PROPERTY! Try negotiation instead of deception. You are NOT Creator Source!

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