Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Restoration Of The Full Human Blueprint

Humanity is a genetic experiment,
an immortal race trapped in a mortal paradigm,
a solar race locked in a lunar reality,
a stolen race on a stolen planet.

We addresses universal Human concerns
as they are identified in the true story of two people
whose visionary odyssey begins with their shock awakening
to guns and handcuffs one Hawaiian dawn.
Their lives and former identities are dismantled and transformed
as they collaborate with a Consciousness that assists them
to recognize the true nature of the temporal zone
to which they have returned from the future.

As they break free of Humanity’s collective denial, it becomes clear that the wars,
genocide and atrocities that have become a part of Human existence
are not culturally, economically or politically engendered,
nor can they be attributed to the charge of the innate corruption of Human nature,
but are the result of the catastrophic intrusion of a predatory and brutal species
with an agenda of world dominance; a species that has spliced its genes into the Human blueprint,
and is engaged in a breeding program that is rendering Earth’s Human beings not-so-Human.

We are not alienated from God… 'god' is an alien.

The corruption lies in the mutant matrix,
in the systemic failure of all Earth’s governing functions and the loss
of evolutionary symbiosis that occurred when this parasitic species electromagnetically disconnected
Humanity and its Mother planet from the divine immortal continuum,
setting Earth on a course of terminal decline.

There was no ‘fall’…we were pushed.

As the progressive revelations unfold, so too does a holonomic template for
the restoration of the full Human blueprint and a new model of existence;
a template to recover Humanity’s resonance with the geometries of light,
returning us and our planet to the holistic space-time continuum.

Are we the ones we have been waiting for?

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