Sunday, November 13, 2016

Unslaved Ep. 01 Hr 1 - Unslaved Defined


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In the first episode of the Unslaved Podcast, Michael and David discuss the concept of what it is to be “Unslaved” and cover the essential elements to achieving true freedom as an individual, and as a society. With so much disinformation and dishonesty circulating in both the mainstream and alternative media, this groundbreaking Unslaved project plans on setting a new standard in the fields of personal empowerment, consciousness studies, esoteric research, conspiracy, popular symbolism, comparative mythology, alternative history, philosophy, psychology, and geo-politics. The focus on real world solutions is established in this first episode.Free - Hour 1: - Unslaved: An Introduction - Definitions and key conceptsMembers Exclusive Show: - A fresh look at the alternative research community from 9/11 to present- An esoteric analysis of the Prisoner Series from the 70’s and the show Blake 7- A redefinition of the word “conspiracy” - Recommended teachers and references - How an individual can achieve personal freedom regardless of what happens in the world - Some personal stories from both Michael and David about their journey of research and discovery - What is coming next? A few possible scenarios that may unfold in the coming months and years Coming up next week on Unslaved: Michael and David interview Matt Presti President of the University of Science and Philosophy; and discuss the late great Dr Walter Russell, the flaws in mainstream scientific theory and practice today. They give a full breakdown of the “secret of light” and the important lesser known details from Russellian science and philosophy, and how it fits in with the likes of Tesla, Schelling, Reich, and other genius minds both past and present.

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