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Russia’s Big Brother Is Trying To Watch You (But Is Annoyed You Won't Let Him.)


Studying the strategies of the matrix


Studying the strategies of the matrix: Sonia speaks about the relevance of so called higher education as it relates to the matrix. She read an email from a 17 year old asking questions about the next phase of her life in terms of higher education, should she go to college. Sonia expands on the necessity to understand the strategies of the matrix as ruled by those believed to be in power; those who govern: education, corporation and politics. Sonia says “that since we must engage in the game/matrix then its best to educate ourselves on the game itself and the strategies in place. So attending college will allow you to understand the methods and concepts used to run our world. However attending college with this kind of understanding is far more powerful than attending based on social programming and expectations. To find out more about Sonia’s work do visit and her documentary The Business of Disease


A term applied to energy produced by human beings and animals that other entities use to feed from. It is also used to refer to the energy that is produced by suffering that entities feed. From books by Robert Monroe. Maybe a play on the French word Louche.[1]

Negative Emotional Energy Collection

Reversal Networks are collecting life force from the collective fields of all earth inhabitants and producing more subtle black forces and miasma. The much sought after spiritual energy contained in these fields is called energetic Loosh by the cabals. In this context, loosh is referred to as the emotional energy radiated by animals and humans when feeling threatened, harmed or being killed, that results in the traumatizing pain and suffering that is experienced and recorded in the body, mind and soul. For centuries the NAA have developed and exploited multidimensional occult practices through reversal creation code. This has been given to secret societies and institutions for the purpose of Mind Control and Social Engineering, in order to harvest Negative Emotional Energy or loosh from the masses.
With the current acceleration of the electronic era, which promotes transhumanism and an array of Artificial intelligence technologies both overtly and covertly, the exploitation to extract negative emotional energy from humanity is at an all-time high. Our planet is being deluged with negative mind control programming and AI broadcasts that target the negative Ego Filters that have infiltrated every fiber of society. This is in order to elicit extremely negative emotions and painful trauma from the constant bombardment of harmful images, behaviors and actions. These programs encourage cruelty, brutality, and violence, which are being massively super-imposed upon humanity and the earthly kingdoms at this time. Extremely charged negative emotional energy, such as that achieved during Satanic Ritual Abuse, contains hormonal adrenalin cascades that course throughout the cellular energy within the human body, blood and brain. Under such intense extremes of painful suffering, the blood and flesh becomes charged with heightened molecular content, which is highly prized by Negative Aliens and Satanic forces. This is why they delight in the torture, suicide and killing of human beings, especially the innocent souls unable to protect themselves, like children.


Robert Monroe, in his book “Far Journeys,” writes of contact he had with a light being in an out-of-body experience. (Monroe is arguably the world’s foremost researcher on OBEs; he started an institute with trainee/researchers to scientifically investigate the phenomenon.) Reportedly the light being told Monroe that when humans die, their energy is released and harvested by trans-dimensional beings, who use it to extend their own life spans. The claim is that the universe is a garden created by these beings as their food source.
According to Monroe’s story, animals are intentionally positioned on this planet to feed on plants and on each other, thereby releasing the life force of their victims so it can be harvested. In a predator-prey struggle, exceptional energy is produced in the combatants. The spilling of blood in a fight-to-the-death conflict releases this intense energy, which the light beings call “loosh.” Loosh is also harvested from the loneliness of animals and humans, as well as from the emotions engendered when a parent is forced to defend the life of its young. Another source of loosh is humans’ worship.
According to Monroe’s informant, our creators, the cosmic “energy farmers,” intentionally equipped animals with devices like fangs, claws and super-speed in order to prolong predator-prey combat and thereby produce more loosh. In other words, the greater the suffering, the more life force is spewed from our bodies, and the tastier the energy meal for our creators.
This story told to Monroe (which threw him into a two-week depression) corresponds to reports in some of the world’s oldest scriptures, the Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas of India. There we read that “the universe is upheld by sacrifice” (Atharva Veda) and that “all who are living (in this world) are the sacrificers. There is none living who does not perform yagya (sacrifice). This body is (created) for sacrifice, and arises out of sacrifice and changes according to sacrifice.” (Garbha Upanishad) [2]


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In Another Life

The Lie NASA Told..! The Demise of NWO

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Blue Avian Cult Dividing UFO Community, Randy Maugans


Randy Maugans is consumed by a media war with assholes in the UFO community.
The alternative media is shredding itself over the “Full disclosure now” UFO cult,
They’re attempting a “fakeover”,
George Noory is stumbling off to stage left,
David Wilcock needs a new act,
Roger Ramsaur (reported by the Dark Journalist to be a satanist) is doing comic books and puppet shows,
There’s a changing of the guard in the disclosure community!
It was Randy’s viral post on Facebook that
was leaked to the Corey Goode camp and discombobulated the entire universe.
It also made Bill Ryan drag himself out of obscurity (after 4 years) to write an expose’ on the blue Avian alien cult & Corey Goode.
“Corey’s kids” is a marketing gimmick designed to bring young people into the UFO disclosure movement, using pop culture media like comics, CGI & other tools such as “Disclosure backpacks” full of goodness knows what goodies.
Even Jimmy Church is having a round table discussion on this topic,
asking the question: “Is the UFO community infiltrated?!”

The Zodiac Time System Of The Anunnaki

War In Heaven 1b Interuptus Video

War In Heaven Part 1

The Snake Families

US now 'officially' the ISIS Air Force

New Senate bill wants to establish a new Russian national intelligence center,


The swamp is at it again: a new Senate bill wants to establish a new Russian national intelligence center, after imposing new sanctions 98-2 (Senators Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders dissenting); but the House is saying no. :




The vast Rome world of the EL is getting the PIT with Azazel, their 'god' ...

NASA Videos and Images:

Grizzly Bear Mom and Cub

ISIS destroys historic Mosul mosque, Al-Nuri


Hybrid Or Human—A Choice Or A Threat For Mankind?


It has been rumored for years that Monsanto plans to take over the cannabis industry with genetic engineering just as they’ve taken over the corn and soy industries. Although they have always denied having any intentions to do so, at this point it is unlikely that anybody really believes them. In contrast, many in the cannabis sphere are prepared to resist any kind of GMO takeover of marijuana by Monsanto or any of their cohorts.
Evidence is mounting, though, which points strongly to the notion that Monsanto does indeed plan to take control of the cannabis plant, and it doesn’t look good for medical users, or anyone planning on getting into the industry.

Former Nazi Collaborator Bayer Buys Out Monsanto for $66 Billion

You may remember hearing back in September that Bayer, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, made a deal to buy out Monsanto for $66 billion. Although Monsanto was voted the most evil company in the world in 2013 and its reputation has continued to fall since, Bayer still went ahead with the buyout.
A merger between these two companies is unsurprising, as though they both have long histories of involvement with Nazism and chemical weapons like agent orange which have devastated Vietnam since the war. In fact, Bayer began as a break-off company of the infamous IG Farben, which produced the chemical weapons used on the Jews during the Nazi reign. After the war, Farben was forced to break up into several companies, including BASF, Hoeschst, and Bayer.
Soon after at the Nuremberg trials, 24 Farben executives were sent to prison for crimes against humanity. However, in a matter of just 7 years each of them was released and began filling high positions in each of the former Farben companies, and many of them began working for the Russian, British, and American governments through a joint intelligence venture called “Operation Paperclip”.
“IG (Interessengemeinschaft) stands for “Association of Common Interests”: The IG Farben cartel included BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, and other German chemical and pharmaceutical companies. As documents show, IG Farben was intimately involved with the human experimental atrocities committed by Mengele at Auschwitz. A German watchdog organization, the GBG Network, maintains copious documents and tracks Bayer Pharmaceutical activities.” – Alliance for Human Research Protection
After all these years, Bayer is now richer and more powerful than their predecessor company I.G. Farben ever was.

Monsanto And Miracle-Gro Have Intimate Business Ties

According to Big Buds Magazine, Monsanto and Scotts Miracle-Gro have a “deep business partnership” and plan on taking over the cannabis industry. Hawthorne, a front group for Scotts, has already purchased three of the major cannabis growing companies: General Hydroponics, Botanicare, and Gavita. Many other hydroponics companies have also reported attempted buyouts by Hawthorne.
“They want to bypass hydroponics retail stores…When we said we won’t get in bed with them they said, ‘Well, we could just buy your whole company like we did with Gavita and do whatever we want.’” – Hydroponics Lighting Representative
Jim Hagedorn, CEO of Scotts Miracle-Gro, has even said that he plans to “invest, like, half a billion in [taking over] the pot business… It is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen in lawn and garden.”
He has also invested in companies such as Leaf, which grows cannabis in an electronically regulated indoor terrarium accessible via smartphone.

Bayer and Monsanto Trade Industry Secrets On Producing GMO Marijuana

It is logical that Bayer, being the parent company, would work together with Monsanto in order to share secrets which would advance mutual business. Many people in the cannabis industry have been warning about this, including Michael Straumietis, founder and owner of Advanced Nutrients.
“Monsanto and Bayer share information about genetically modifying crops,” Straumietis notes. “Bayer partners with GW Pharmaceuticals, which grows its own proprietary marijuana genetics. It’s logical to conclude that Monsanto and Bayer want to create GMO marijuana.” – Michael Straumietis


It is possible that Bayer and Monsanto could create a monopoly on marijuana seeds in the same way that they have created a monopoly on corn and soy. Through immense corporate power and the enforcement of international patent law, these corporations could place themselves in a position of total control over cannabis as a medicine as well as for recreational use by using the same model as they do with the food crops they control.
But not all hope is lost. There is still a chance to fight back against the Bayer-Monsanto monopoly by boycotting genetically engineered products, Miracle-Gro and other Scotts brand products, Bayer pharmaceuticals, and companies that do business with any of these. You could even store seeds if you live in an area where it is legal and grow your own, while supporting hydroponics and nutrient companies that don’t do business with these corporate behemoths.
“Corporations and people with hundreds of billions of dollars know marijuana is a miracle plant. They want to come in and steal our plants, seeds, and industry from us, [and] we must stop them.” – Straumietis

Read more articles from Phillip Schneider.

About the Author
Phillip Schneider is a student and a staff writer for Waking Times.
This article (Monsanto and Bayer are Maneuvering to Take Over the Cannabis Industry) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Phillip Schneider and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

Seven Qualities of the Awakened Creator w Giselle Koy and Sevan Bomar

SOLOMON … Luciferian Molock and The PAPAL of the EL



There are two branches of SET.

The Freemason ROYAL are

the Luciferian Molock,

the PAPAL are the EL.

The FREEMASON, was created by “Azazel” which was the hebrew coven name of Alexander (sumerian Marduke, egyptian Ra). In babylon, his coven name was “Massawa, the great architect.” Alexander was married to ‘Selene’ saxon Elizabeth 1, he was her nephew. She is the Queen of the Moloch, “Inanna/Gloriana” daughter of egyptian coven name ‘SET’, the “leviathan class serpent of the Abyss; father of the branch of reptiles; ruler of the underworld and abyss’ whom the hebrew called Solomon, and his native land Ur of Babylon (IRAN) called “Suleiman the Magnificent”. They are muslim extremists. Common man called him ‘Satan’ sumerians called him ‘An’.
The PAPAL promoted ‘Azazel’ to ‘Archangel Michael’. The Freemason is the Moloch(owl) branch of SET.
They are in every land, and the propaganda is only in the last hundred years. They have rewritten our history. This was not a thousand years ago. Neither the royal/freemason, nor the papal/illuminati are more than a few decades past a hundred years old. They own the libraries. Haven’t you noticed, that all the presidents build their own ‘lie bury’?
The other branch was the PAPAL (father El) which are the ‘greys’ called in babylon “Illi/Illu” and “Illumi” which are the other branch of SET.
One branch is the Luciferian council of 7 (Royal = Blood el), the other branch is the Archang-el Micha-el Council of 9 (Papal = Father el).
The third branch is the “federal” which because of latin claim of divine right, is a word with two senses. Its common sense, is “feder-al” which is ‘bloodkin el” These are the lesser nobility of Elizabeth and are Solomons line which in canon law 108, is the ‘common ancestor’. They own all and I do mean ALL, the corporations and banks, they were called the ‘merchants & the moneylenders”. All of the ‘alphabet’ corporations posing as government, were corporations issued divine rights powers privileges by the Vatican who issues all charters to the Nobility. Rothschild had their names removed from the S.E.C. after the Cox Committee caught them. From the UN to the CIA, NASA, MOSSAD, MI6, ISRAEL, US, CHINA is the 13th family line, the Li family. Short for Leviathan.
These are the “Jews who were not” and the “synagogue of satan”
They are the incorporated ‘COVENS of AZAZEL’ and this is defined as the “PAPAL, ROYAL, & FEDERAL” and this is who we all went to war with. It is listed in the Geneva convention of 1917; which they removed from public view. And this is the NWO. This is who JFK caught on to the network of, and when he demanded an answer from NASA, freemason run, who the ‘greys’ were, they killed him for their god El, “with whom man is at war with, in the war in heaven”. This is your ‘monolithic’ group who ‘opposes’ mankind.
When you take that ‘oath’ you are agreeing to become “Incorporated” into that Coven. Few understand, because it has been removed, that the esoteric Law states that by the Law of Free Will, you have agreed to be Sealed by that Branch at the Time of the Gathering. It allows them to use your spirit, which the item QE brags “you don’t know you possess” as a food source and as a source of life force energy the High Priest are allowed to draw on to do “Occult” (hidden) Rituals. The more “Incorporated” by the Law of One, is the more who vote yes to what ever that High Priest chose to do. They are the Left Hand Path, Service to Self. The Highest Service to Self is Murder of Self or Other. They believe that by H.S. to SET/”Satan”, they will earn their “godhead”. This is the ‘horns’ on the head, they propagandize to their Followers to allegedly make them acceptable as the offspring of SET & Tiamatt. No mention of “Demon”, until their trap closes on you. If you gave your Vow, you Serve the branch of SET. Go look up the Coins for Alexander, and you’ll find the one with horns.
The papal “sacrifice of the mass” is the followers willing to be used as mass human sacrifice. The pope gathers them in the square, and too many are to dumbed down to look down at what they are standing inside. Which is a large monolithic satellite dish.
On the coinage of Great Britain is the following Elizabeth II Dei Gra Fid Def which is Elizabeth II by the Grace of God Defender of the Faith.
In sumeria, her name was ‘Inanna’, the saxon called her “Gloriana” and the PAPAL promoted her to “Magdalene” & in Brittian they called her the “Virgin Queen”; while in russia they called her Elizabeth the “whore”, wife of Alexander. In egypt her coven name was ISIS, when after Alex was killed, she married her twin. That is what that QE 1 Painting showed. It is All one person.
This is what the coven freemason did; when they codified the common law in 1917, the papal codified its canon. They altered our books. You’re dealing with someone who had an education during the time when real history was taught.
COVEN VATICAN is the umbrella corporation which created all others under it, by issue of charters of divine rights, powers & privileges. The exec. office QE “Lilith” held, is being transferred by the COVEN to the Li family. It has been reported that the Head of the Li family is possessed by Ra now and that is why they are after the ancient technology under Mt. Li (1st Emperor) which was closed off by the people for the immense slaughter that he did there.
“Marduke”. His ‘mirror’ on earth was Alexander. He went by the names “(inc. coven name) AZAZEL the horned god of WICCA; BAPHOMET when he created COVEN CAESAR; MASSAWA the great architect god of his COVEN FREEMASON (when he taught them to build the monolithic doors into their churches which allowed for the possession of the Followers)”. His other names include “(title name)Ra in egypt”; “(god name)Apollo & Apollyon (in greek)”. And he is “Mars & Aries”. The PAPAL promoted coven name “AZAZEL” to “Archang-el Micha-el”. The lucifierian council of 7 (Moloch Owl/Rep’s) is run by QE’s line who also runs the Freemason coven. The archangel Michael council of 9 (El-ohiem created the nephiliem and ba-el) is run by the PAPAL who also runs the Illuminati coven(EL’s name in Babylon is “illumi” – Liliths shining ones).
What was that verse, “He’ll come in his own name”..?
These are the offspring branches of SET(An), the El and the Moloch.
The next thing they would do, is give him their ‘crowns’.

The term “Light Worker” is a term

for ‘Lilith’s Shining Ones’



Utter propaganda

He is talking about the other side of the War’s plans, to terra-form earth into their own planet. Excluding and killing off, the human populations.
This is represented first, in the lie that this is a comet and not ships; it is not one object, but more than 3 and this is now proven with multiple amateur pictures.
Secondly, he states the planet is dying because of Man, and we created global Warming. “Global Warming” as blamed on “Man” is also disprovable. And it is provable that the deaths are occurring because of the CORPORATIONS which are owned by these invaders. The chemsprays in particular are using nanites to contaminate and alter the biology to a type of ‘borg’; and are in fact using a poison that is particular to mammals.
Third, the term “Light Worker” is a term for ‘Lilith’s Shining Ones’ which are the greys who in babylon were called the “Illi/Illu” and “Illumi” origin of COVEN ILLUMINATI. They were called both “Alien” and “Demonic” for a reason. Their Hebrew name is “EL(oheim)”: “With whom Man is at War with in the War in Heaven”. They redefined the term “Heaven” when they created their COVEN Age and Snake worship. They are the specific branch of SET, and are Reptilian.
Fourth, the “Shield” he speaks of is the “E.M. Field” which is the A.I. NET that “Ra” put in place to hold us prisoner here. It is represented by NASA as an electron cage around Earth, on their patches. It is failing because the original race of Man, and the Father of the branch of Man, is fighting to free us and canceling the NET. “Zero Point” of the “E.M” field is when the NET is canceled out by the high influx of energy hitting it from the Sun.
Fifth, they don’t talk of Nibiru, and they never talk about the visible war going on around the Sun. They also are using the same propaganda that Biden used. Stating that this is a ‘mini solar system with planets around it’.
Sixth, he is using the propaganda that the government used to hide and remove information about the ships that arrived after hitting Mars. He makes no mention of the fact that Mars was hit by something which gave Mars a coma, like comets have. He states that the government shut down was ‘our doing’ and he states they sent up a balloon. No word or mention that the satellites sent to approach ISON were disabled, or that the shut down was to remove information from the public about the approach of the other ships; Which McDonald Observatory, now places directly over Earth.
All in all, a pretty picture and soft words meant to hide and utterly evil agenda. It is unfortunate that so many were deceived by the term “Light Worker” and have utterly no idea, that this is an historical term used for the Illuminati & the El. Stating that we are to have ‘new life forms’ and making this sound normal and a thing to be proud of; while not informing their followers that they are to be killed off, and those 500,000 whom are left are to be physically altered to a synthetic reptile & machine body for a society in which the rights of ‘free will’ and choice, are removed.
The truth is this. ISON is a game changer. It marks the freedom of Mankind from the tyranny of the Reptile races whom dragged us below the plane into their domain, the Abyss. A binary system fueled by a Black sun, home of the Sith.
We are at the Division of the Families. Notice the ‘group’ doesn’t mention that? All whom are ‘good’ will be moved and this is “All Life” and that is why the ships are in waiting. What is then left on this emptied shell of a planet, which is a poor facsimile of our original Earth, are ‘evil’ and because of the slaughter they have done to life here, they will reap the fate they deserve.
We have earned our freedom, and a Laurel World. Although it is a leap in evolution, we will still be Mankind and all the nanite “Seeding” sabotage they have done to our minds and bodies will be repaired with this one move.




Rose older text on, inter alia, Toth and the Halls of Amenti….
Sadly enough, Thoth is from the Anunnaki Bird Tribes, and NOT A FRIEND OF MAN. The “halls of amenti” are the underground “Amun Tiamatt” area.
The trick, is that they make it sound so ‘enlightened’, and speak of things in a way that implies “Good”. This is not true. It was WAR PROPAGANDA. Its purpose is to get you to choose by ‘free will’, Service to SET(An), the father of the Branch.
SET is service to self.
The highest service to self is Murder of Self or Other. He is the Left Hand Path, and so were the emerald tablets. Like their religions, it is lip service while teaching the left hand path. SET’s purpose is a “never ending story”, where he clones and puts people back into the game over and over and calls this ‘reincarnation’.
They are taught moral aptitude, to recognize ‘wrong’; and then taught to turn their backs and walk away – allow it. Like the story of the ‘orks’, by constantly recycling people he is able to twist their spirit, in order to create a High Level Demon. That is SET’s function, he is father of the Left Hand Path. . .

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European court rules Russia's 'gay propaganda' law encourages homophobia

The arrest of Diamond Reynolds, fiancé of Philando Castile

Exploring Ancient Native Cliff Dwellings Near Sedona Arizona

Transition Status Report: We threaded the eye of the needle!

One Simple Step To Influence Your DNA

One of the things I do most when I discuss metaphysics is explore concepts related to light and darkness and their integration. It's one of my passions. I love duality at its core. We're made of it so we should know it quite well. But I find those who wish to enter the heart center to a greater extent struggle with this integration and thus find tremendous difficulty transitioning aspects of ego.
© iStock/Dr_Microbe

I understand people are where they must be, but I find that there is a consistent ingredient that cycles through their consciousness which creates a strong filter and blocks the integration. And perhaps it should. But that ingredient without fail has been the transcending of the right/wrong paradigm. It's one of the most difficult lessons in this reality because we are so conditioned to pick a side. It's always about good/bad, love/hate, better/worse, winning/losing, bigger/lesser, success/failure, etc, etc, and from a young age few are excluded from this black and white path of learning which becomes ingrained into every incoming frequency throughout our lives.
This consciousness then cycles into the victim/perpetrator mindset and begins to create dys-function in the body and in relationships because the mindset aggressively pursues a morally correct path over what is perceived as incorrect. It becomes infatuated with what is the moral high ground at the expense of what it perceives as immorality. This causes seed programming based on the fear harmonic such as guilt, anger, envy, resentment, anxiety to express themselves to the fullest into dis-ease. Cancer for example thrives on guilt, resentment and anger, and those who have healed themselves know this well because the dis-ease encourages either the transition to a more peaceful self or face the consequence of death.
So within a victim/perpetrator mindset, the two energies within light and darkness can never be integrated into one because the human interpreter separates them through fragmentation (see my previous post on fragmentation of consciousness). The interpreter does not see them as the same energy because one is perceived as positive and the other as negative, despite them being one in the same.
Once the interpreter begins to align with both light and dark energies as one, the filter dissolves along with the right/wrong paradigm and the victim/perpetrator mindset. This is the beginning of change within the DNA field that allows a greater percentage to be influenced via the compassion filter. It changes our vibration instantly. It no longer allows the creation of any harmonics within the body or external relationships to be dominated or even entertained by the previous right/wrong filters of awareness. And then we change. Everything changes. Our body changes. Our relationships change. Our view of other people changes. Our view of the world changes. Most of all, our love of self changes because we are no longer preoccupied about the past pain or future anxiety that is so prevalent within the right/wrong paradigm. And when the love of self changes, self-worth increases while authenticity skyrockets as we become more true to who we are in the present.
So how do you do this? You pay attention to the beauty of synchronicity. You see the magic in all relationships (not just the ones you prefer). You connect with the truth of others without the need to impose your own. You find kindness and cooperation in places where anatgonism and confrontation thrive. You see the benevolence in everyone and everything without the need to highlight what's wrong with the world. You look for problems and solutions within rather than without. That's just the beginning of realizing your mastery. The rest can't be stated to you in any way because you must discover it on your own through practical applications of all of the above. Nobody can teach this to you but yourself. The path is yours and you will need to walk it on your own to see it for what it is. All that is required from you is to pay attention to that part of yourself that doesn't think, but breathes and listens to the peace that exists outside thought. This can be achieved by simply walking in nature, exercising, yoga, meditating or engaging in an activity that calms the mind. In that space everything becomes clear.
Is it too difficult? No worries. There is no rush. It is an incremental process. It can take months, years or even decades. For some it can take their entire lives. It is what it is. If you cannot transcend the right/wrong paradigm at this moment, take solace in the fact that there is more magic within you that will wait until you can, and when you can, it will always be the perfect time.


Anna HuntStaff Writer
Waking Times
In May 2017, two U.S. Senators, Feinstein and Grassley, introduced the Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act S.1276, to the Senate. The act suggests that the government allows research on the medical benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) using Schedule II registration.
The Controlled Substances Act current lists cannabis and its CBD chemical components as Schedule I substances. This is the same categorization as cocaine and heroin.
Moving marijuana and CBD off Schedule I seems like a move in the right direction. The main goal of proposed act is to remove unnecessary barriers to studying CBD’s potential benefits and risks. At least, this is the perspective of Senator Thom Tillis, one of the co-sponsors of the bill.
Yet, there is a much bigger impact that this law would have on the industrial hemp industry. Furthermore, it may give Big Pharma more control over the medical marijuana market.

The Threat to Industrial Hemp

First, let’s consider industrial hemp. The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015 allows U.S. states to establish industrial hemp research or pilot programs. It also authorizes the study of the potential for the hemp industry. Because CBD can be found in high concentrations in hemp, there are many medical applications.
Such a pilot program is currently underway in North Carolina. Participating farmers have expressed concern about reclassifying CBD. They believe it would threaten their ability to obtains seeds and continue their study of hemp. Brian Morris, owner of Carolina Hemp Co. in Asheville, revealed to ABC affiliate WLOS:
 “It would make it probably impossible to get seeds or clones again, and, if we did so, it would be illegal to plant it.”

“It should be descheduled, not rescheduled to study only. That would kill the entire industry, not just the farmers, but, people like us in our company. We wouldn’t be able to sell it.”
Hemp and medical marijuana are essentially the same plantCannabis Sativa. Hemp contains only trace amounts of the psychoactive chemical THC. Therefore, farmers grow hemp mainly for industrial uses. Medical marijuana is different because growers breed it for its resinous glands. These glands contain high amounts of THC.
Regardless of their THC content, both types of Cannabis Sativa plant contain CBD. Therefore, CBD law would affect both hemp and medical marijuana initiatives.

Big Pharma Looks to Gain

The Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act states:
…the term “authorized medical research” means medical research that is — (B) conducted by a covered institution of higher education, practitioner, or manufacturer that is appropriately registered under the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 801 et seq.)
Considering the wording of the proposed act, it’s likely to put future CBD research in the hands of pharmaceutical companies. Consequently, CBD would reside in Schedule II prescription status, alongside drugs like methadone, oxycodone, fentanyl and morphine.
The measure would require the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services to complete an analysis of the potential therapeutic value of CBD within one year from the bill’s passage; create a pathway for commercial production of pharmaceutical drugs containing CBD; and require the Department of Health and Human Services to expand research on CBD and other non-psychoactive components of cannabis.

Under the measure, accredited research institutions, medical schools, and practitioners – in addition to pharmaceutical companies – could apply to conduct CBD medical research. (source)
As in the words of Brian Morris, maybe this new change isn’t really the best option.
“Americans have enough sense, you know, to think this through for themselves and realize that, maybe, they’re being fed something that hasn’t really worked out so well, and we need to rethink this,” Morris stated to WLOS.

Read more articles by Anna Hunt.

About the Author
Anna Hunt is the founder of Awareness Junkie, a community paving the way to better health, a balanced life, and personal transformation. In addition, she is the proprietor of, an online store offering GMO-free healthy storable food and emergency kits. Anna is a certified Hatha yoga instructor and founder of Atenas Yoga Center. She enjoys raising her children and being a voice for optimal human health and wellness. Visit her essential oils store here.

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This article (Proposed Law Threatens Industrial Hemp and Turns CBD Research Over to Big Pharma) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Anna Hunt and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.