Sunday, December 31, 2017

Fallen Angel Friday With Lauda Leon

Laura Leon who you can find at her amazing website is a friend and colleague of Ra, and past guests such as Eve Lorgen and James Bartley. Laura’s first time on Spiral Radio was such an amazing show and this time was just as amazing!!!In fact after the show the chat room was saying how they couldn’t believe how Ra and Laura was able to unload soooo much info  about sooo many amazing topics and all in an hour! At the beginning of the show Ra gives an important message to the listeners. Than they cover the council of 9 and how so many ancient ones have stories of these beings. Chinese called them the 9 sky lords, Daoists have the 9 emperor gods festival, Greeks had 9 gods with Zeus as their leader, Norse lore had Gods that survived Ragnarok, Aztecs had the 9 Lords of the night, Ra ancestors the Etruscan’s even had 9 muses or Demigods.  Laura talks how she has had contact with this council all of her life. She then mentions how they showed her a map of what Earth will look like after a future cataclysm.  This is another Fallen Angel Friday and an amazing one at that. The conversation then turns to Nazi Vrill psychic Maria Orsic and how she may have had contact with beings from Aldebaran and how this ties into this alien substance that’s been labeled as Black goo. This substance is a programmable matter, a technology that interweaves with DNA and may even be related to certain mysterious Black stones throughout history. Laura then tells the story of her childhood, of how this substance had invaded her bloodstream and was killing her. The military was involved and the hospital had to scoop it out of her and replenish her system with mysterious fluids. Laura than mentions the entity Leviathan who she calls the Metal God and how this metallic god-like species has been orchestrating evil takeovers like this. During the break, Ra plays the amazing song Bulletproof from Far radio Clouds. After the break, they touch on the watchers and how Azazel taught women to use eyeliner and other things, and how these “fallen” were compelled to help humankind and were persecuted for it. Than Laura talks of her meetings with the council of 9 and how they are similar to the watchers and only get involved with mankind when there’s no choice and how these beings are called different names over time. Laura and Ra also talk of the Naga, Tesla and soooo much more, for sure do not wanna miss this one. Open up your minds, open up your hearts and take notes….spiral out
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The Universe Shouldn’t Exist, CERN Scientists Announce

Vikings Sailed With Their Cats Across Europe

A New Schism in the Orthodox World Growing as Moscow Seeks Supremacy Over Constantinople

War In Heaven - Trailer #1 from Farsight

Release Date: 14 January 2018 from The Farsight Institute

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This was two hours of amazing radio that alternative media lovers will never forget!! Ra and tonight’s very special guest Gary Wayne both are very well versed in Occult and Bible knowledge making each and every conversation rich with possibilities and information that can lead you down many rabbit holes. Tonight’s show did not disappoint !!! Ra and Gary continue with Part 2 of Decoding the Nephillim and Rephaim tribes. Dissecting the Lost Book of King Og Gary shows the parallels with Bible scripture. They discuss King Og and Queen Lestha and there desire to bring in the Moonchild using the sorcery of Baal !! Other topics include Nimrod and the tower of Babel, the worship of Baal and Mott, the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge/life , and since its Christmas Ra brings up Santa and how he basically is Odin Lord of the Underworld….This is one for Nerds and Occult lovers everywhere !!!!Spiral out!!!!  

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The Five Fools

Australian Banks Reportedly Freeze Accounts Of Bitcoin Users

Adding to the pressures on bitcoin early this morning, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that bitcoin users across Australia are reporting that their accounts have been abruptly frozen by the country’s “Big Four” banks. And while the banks have remained largely tight-lipped about the closures, many angry account-holders are jumping to conclusions and blaming the banks for punishing them because of their involvement with bitcoin.
Bitcoin investors are claiming Australia's banks are freezing their accounts and transfers to cryptocurrency exchanges, with a viral tweet slamming the big four and an exchange platform putting a restriction on Australian deposits.
According to the Herald, cryptocurrency trader and Youtuber Alex Saunders called out National Australia Bank, ANZ, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Westpac Banking Corporation on Twitter for freezing customer accounts and transfers to four different bitcoin exchanges  - CoinJar, CoinSpot, CoinBase and BTC Markets.

In response, some users complained that their activities with the cryptocurrency had still been described as a "security risk" by their financial institutions.
While not every bank had explicit policies governing their relationship with cryptocurrencies, according to the Morning Herald, Commonwealth Bank’s June 2017 terms and conditions for CommBiz accounts specifically excludes this activity, saying it can refuse to process an international money transfer or an international cash management transaction “because the destination account previously has been connected to a fraud or an attempted fraudulent transaction or is an account used to facilitate payments to Bitcoins or similar virtual currency payment services”.
A Commonwealth Bank spokesman said it was receptive to innovation in alternative currencies and payment systems “however, we do not currently use or recommend any existing virtual currencies as we do not believe they have yet met a minimum standard of regulation, reliability, and reputation compared to other currencies that we offer to our customers".
“Our customers can interact with these currencies as long as they comply with our terms and conditions and all relevant legal obligations,” he said.

One Twitter user, Michaela Juric, who is known on twitter as Bitcoin Babe, said she had business accounts closed by 30 banks and posted a picture of a letter from ANZ, saying it was closing her accounts effective 30 January 2018 in accordance with its terms and conditions.  

Anti-Corruption Protester Sentenced to 1.5 Years in Moscow

Moscow Police Detain Opposition Politician Ilya Yashin

Houston To Throw Homeless To The Cold.

Suddenly homeless in Houston

California "Wildfire" Anomalies, with Peter Crawford-Valentino


California Wildfire Anomalies, with Peter Crawford-Valentino. Learn how the Untied Nations attacked California using Chemtrails and Microwaves. This is their strongest attack on American soil since 9/11.

Recall Agenda 21 Governor Jerry Brown, who is allowing the devastation to occur.


US out of the United Nations. The US must exit the UN and remove it from our country. Support House Bill H.R. 193.

US State Department Hints At Iran Overthrow: Are We Witnessing The Early Stages Of Regime Change?

The US State Department has issued a formal condemnation of the Iranian government following two days of economic protests centering in a handful of cities, calling the regime "a rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos" while announcing support for protesters. It fits a familiar script which seems to roll out when anyone protests for any reason in a country considered an enemy of the United States (whether over economic grievances or full on calling for government overthrow).
Map via The Daily Mail
The statement by spokesperson Heather Nauert, released late on Friday, further comes very close to calling for regime change in Iran when it asserts the following:
On June 14, 2017, Secretary Tillerson testified to Congress that he supports "those elements inside of Iran that would lead to a peaceful transition of government. Those elements are there, certainly as we know." The Secretary today repeats his deep support for the Iranian people.
U.S. strongly condemns arrest of peaceful protestors in , urges all nations to publicly support Iranian people. As@POTUS said, longest-suffering victims of Iran's leaders are Iran's own people. 
Though most current reports strongly suggest protests are being driven fundamentally by economic grievances, the US has already framed this week's events inside Iran as revolutionary in nature and as aiming for "transition of government". On Friday evening White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted the following statement:
Reports of peaceful protests by Iranian citizens fed up with the regime’s corruption and its squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism abroad. The Iranian government should respect their people’s rights including their right to express themselves. The world is watching.
The media is already promoting a regime change narrative
As we noted during our initial coverage of Thursday's protests, Israeli as well as Iranian opposition media commentators (and of course pundits in the US mainstream) have generally appeared giddy with excitement at the prospect that protests could spread inside Iran, potentially culminating in society-wide resistance and possible change in government. It goes without saying that Iran has been enemy #1 for the United States and Israel since the Islamic Revolution and embassy hostage crisis beginning in 1979. 

Consider for example this major Israeli international broadcast network, which in an English language interview segment covering the very beginnings of (relatively small and limited) protests Thursday quickly linked the Tehran government with use of chemical weapons in Syria, supporting the "biggest butcher in this region Bashar al-Assad", and facilitating the killing of civilians:

Feds told to spill details on Obama's favor to terrorists

Hezbollah fighters Pressure is mounting to learn the details of the Obama administration's alleged "derailing" of an effort to stop a drug-running scheme by the Iran-backed terror group Hezbollah ...

Jihadist Group Blows Up Oil Pipeline In Iran, In Midst Of Protests


Overnight Friday a well-known Sunni jihadist group which operates in Iran posted a video to its media accounts purporting to show an attack on an oil pipeline in Iran's southern Khuzestan province, which has historically been a restive area in which Sunni Arab separatists have been active.
Ansar al-Furqan’s Ahwaz Martyrs Brigade released pictures which show the group blowing up a pipeline in the Omidiyeh region of Ahvaz, Iran. Via Terror Monitor
Though Iran has yet to confirm the attack, the terror group Ansar al-Furqan Ahwaz Martyrs Brigade claimed responsibility in an official statement, which noted: "This operation was conducted to inflict losses on the economy of the criminal Iranian regime." Ansar al-Furqan is a relatively new group, having been founded in 2013, and has ties to Syria’s Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front(currently called Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham). It is comprised primarily of Baluchi Salafist militants which are hostile to the Iranian government - the Baluch people, an ethnolinguistic group, are spread primarily throughout southern Iran, Afghanistan, and western Pakistan.
Both the video and written statement identify the location of the attack as near Omidiyeh, a city in Khuzestan Province - an area of the country which has witnessed periodic uprisings and sporadic bombings going back to 1979 and into the mid-2000's.

Ansar al-Furqan’s Ahwaz Martyrs Brigade Releases Pictures Shows Blowing Up A Pipeline In Omidiyeh Region Of Ahvaz.

Ansar al-Furqan’s Ahwaz Martyrs Brigade Releases Video Shows Blowing Up A Pipeline In Omidiyeh Region Of Ahvaz.

According to the AP, this constitutes the first such attack by this particular group:
SITE [the U.S.-based SITE Intelligence Group] says the attack by Ansar al-Furqan, if confirmed, would be their first in oil-rich southern Iran.
Iran has faced low-level separatist unrest from Kurds in its northwest, the Baloch in its east and Arabs in its south since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
But in this case the timing comes at an interesting moment as multiple major Iranian cities are now in the third day of rare anti-government protests widely reported to be fueled primarily by economic grievances, but which notably have included aggressive anti-Rouhani chants and slogans calling for the end of the clerical rule, and could get more violent. Ansar al-Furqan specifically cited the desire to target Iran's economy in carrying out the oil pipeline attack.
Meanwhile, late in the day Friday the US State Department issued a formal condemnation of the Iranian government, calling the regime "a rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos" while announcing support for protesters. As we noted, statements now coming from US officials fit a familiar script which seems to roll out when anyone protests in a country considered an enemy of the United States - no matter the motivations and grievances of the demonstrators, whether economic and local or otherwise.