Monday, February 13, 2017

Aug Tellez: Ritual Abuse Cannibalism, Human Spiritual Slavery and Degradation, The Holographic Universe


This is to help others who have been through similar programs as well as the people who do not know this is happening and this is affecting them.

People must know about these issues because they are effecting everything
Have courage instead of fear
Ancient Cults practice soul-trading, entity attachment, mind-control, sexual and spiritual slavery as part of a wealthy elite system that is used for control and negative spiritual existence They invent cultures and nations

Technology complicated or enhanced the entire system
I was brought in at the age of 9 The age of 6 is the usual beginning. One's mind fractures after these ages if this is attempted This is designed to enable a person to control the population as well as overcome a darker individual or culture, this strengthens (as well as brainwashes) the person's mind

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