Sunday, February 26, 2017

Belief Determines Reality

History Occurs in Repeated Cycles because they are Managed

History goes in cycles because they are being managed! People went from believing one thing, then they’ll go to the other, and this cycle continues in faster and faster cycles until everyone who has the tendency to hold on to anything is flung off!
This literally occurs in the same way some information will threaten people’s conceptual limitations.
Reality does the same! Everything reflects into itself. We are all being tested and will continue to be tested until only those remain who are willing to let go of all misconceptions to find the truth of reality.

The Dream World and Programming

The DREAM-WORLD is the key to PROGRAMMING the mind. Deprogramming is a thing, if you didn’t know…

Is Genuine Intelligence Possible? What does it look like?

Here’s a question, does true intelligence exist (in our domain) or is everything at this level artificial? If true intelligence does exist, then where does that intelligence lead in respect to the larger view of the universe?
Is it possible to have an intelligent *anything* at this level and that be genuine and not artificially intelligent?

Belief Determines Reality

I’m telling you, they found out what you believe dictates or maybe, runs the parameter set for your REALITY. Why do you think there is such a heavy emphasis on WHAT YOU BELIEVE?
Prepare. See this is in the works.
See this is being set up for what is coming.
And BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF and a SOCIETY that can do the same.

The Deus Ex Machina

The idea is, what saves you CANNOT come from the future. That would break the temporal equilibrium, you MUST create your Deus Ex Machina in the here and now.

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