Monday, February 13, 2017

Gnosis of All the Incarnated Worlds – Sevan Bomar [feb 10,2017]


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"Cease to allow the mind which is your Womb to be impregnated by false media that only wishes to birth conceptions from your energy that it will continue to feed off and abuse. Return to the adventure of the Ancients which is you in exploration of yourself inside out. Orientate yourself with the Stars and learn the transmigration of your Ancestors in the celestial boat and then you will know fully who you are.
Armed with the knowledge of the procession you shall know past, present, and future while being able to harvest your own true memories and exist upon them perpetually. You will awake from the illusion that is the life one lives when they are not aligned with their purpose. Memories are energy, don’t waste them. See you forever…"

~In this podcast, Sevan discusses with us his philosophies on Occultism, Gnosticism, and Life. He says that total awareness is total fear. Sevan shares with us the pitfalls of the illusion, fake media and false realities created to control people and cause them to react a certain way. To get emotional so we put off energies so these energy vampire beings that we cannot see in different frequency realms can feed on energy.
Sevan also tells us how thinking and though takes us further away from ourselves. There becomes a point where acquiring knowledge needs to stop. He says the end goal of all the Great Work and Knowledge is the state of All Knowing. Gnosis of all the Incarnated Worlds.

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