Sunday, February 12, 2017

Program Dissolving and "Emotional & Mental Control" (our own)


My Uncle knows he is awakwning, but not really where he is from - just to clarity.
If you want to know what the higher levels of the program can have of content, and how to work with it, in your own ISP cleansing, look at how I did it in clients, as well as in myself, in the link below. Naturally you do it in your way and according to what genetics, you have and what similations you have participated in. Im an old war soul, so I have a lot of simulations with Sirian Bs, Orions, Pleaidians and inverted races, that came as part of the regenesis programs (restoring), where I chose, as part of my own "redemption", to help and assist the casualties of the old wars (and in that got totally sucked into the wrong pillar). But what I realised is that you cannot clear out in-program codes for others; they have to do it themselves because that is the only way their higher versions dissolve and the genetics re-integrate into this corrent form of the holographic vessels aka the basic program human body.

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