Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sevan Bomar On Santa Clause


Sevan Bomar On Santa Clause
Audio clip from The Keymaker With Sevan Bomar on Truth Frequency Radio recorded on December 19, 2015
Episode 7 - Soul Wars
Full Episode -

"There is an underlining story to every fable embedded in ancient to modern folklore and ritualistic observances that has twinned itself in to every aspect of our very being since we were children. It waits to be triggered at a moments noticed when we attempt to accelerate in to our true position as Master of our Innerverse. This episode is about exposing that program for all to go forth with the power and will it takes to project ones own path in order to jettison beyond this cycle that attempts to bind one to servitude. Lets break the shells and overlays that produce false illusions once and for all!"

The Keymaker is the next sequel in the series of interactive enlightenment hosted by Sevan Bomar, a world renown Metaphysician who has heralded some of the most advanced concepts pertaining to progressive spirituality. This show is designed to bring you the latest and most effective news, knowledge, and techniques based on decades of application and experience. It features a unique question and answer platform that allows viewers to gain solutions to the toughest queries related to human activation.

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