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The Unveiling: The Fallen And Their Technology

Table of Contents
Chapter 2.49: Preface to Chapter 2.5
All is a Show
The Claim
The Truce
The Time of the Revival
The Collapse of Time
The True Meaning of this Timeline
Two Paths
Recalibration Through Chaos
Recalibration Through Harmony
Harmony is The Path of Neutralization
Preface 2.491: The Creative Force- The Larger Self of Divine Responsibility (or divine responsibility of the larger self)
Chapter 2.5: The Fallen and Their Technology
The Original Creative Force within Humanity
The Dark Faction
A Creation within Creation
Animalistic Nature and Spiritual Degradation – of Angels and Demons, Man, Monster, and Machine,
The Time Locked Being
The Truth Within
Cycles of Creation and Awareness
Chapter 2.6: Cloning Stations and The Future of Humanity
Energy Zones
The Militarization of These Zones
Chapter 2.7: Covert Invasion, Hybridization and Assimilation
Post-Apocalyptic Simulation or Timeline Convergence
A Harsh Reality: Judge and Jury
After-Earth: Future Civilizations and Non-Human Entities
Greys, Serpent People and Vampires
The Lost Souls of Tara
A Decaying, Polluted Surface
The Mirror-Verse
Transtemporal and Interuniversal Interaction
Sending Back AI Sentience and Developing Nanites from Frequencies
Dark Faction Experimentation, Chimera Beings, Hybridization
Soul-Recycling and Time-Gates
The Hive Mind
The Main Perverted Idea
The AI Overmind
The Creative Force Empowers All Life and Experience
A Word on “Droning”
The Wardens of the Galaxy
The War Has Been Won
Polarization Tactics
A Conclusive Note:
AnkerEverything here will be individually covered with more detail in later chapters. This is a difficult series of topics to cover however I am putting this out because now is the time to know. I continue to add more, even in the last few seconds before publishing and I proclaim this is incomplete. There is more regarding the advanced technology and the particular ways that this situation developed that is uncovered. Still, those with ears to listen and eyes to see will know.

AnkerChapter 2.49: Preface to Chapter 2.5

Everything is a spiritually powered holographic simulation. This is a show. However the show has gotten a little out of hand. Imagine turning on a series to watch only to realize the title of the show didn’t match the actual content of the show. Now imagine that you can’t get up from the couch or change the show very easily. Then we could include the possibility of marathon viewings and the like. Watching 9 hours of a show you didn’t intend to could be devastating to one’s connection to “reality” even if reality is simply referenced from whatever show is being watched.

AnkerAll is a Show

Here is one of the most challenging concepts behind the entire situation. Upon discovering that this reality is effectively of a kind of cosmic show brought about by higher intelligence, the power groups sought to create the most empowering show. In order to do this, they had to design the most intense series of contrasts or extremes in order to bring about the most complete resolution when the resolution is finally reached. The resolution must be reached. This is the classic ideology of light winning out over darkness. That part is agreed upon. Without the light winning out, there would be no darkness to perceive the contrast. And the light and dark must co-exist, and the light must prevail, simply because the methods and means of darkness or ignorance cannot supersede intelligence, wisdom, and true spiritual power. This is a given through appropriations such as if darkness ever became all powerful, then there would be a slow decline until there was nothing to mirror and sustain itself off of. Without light, then darkness is no more. So the two are always co-existing and this was part of the discovery of the actual composition of this universe.
However, as I mentioned, the generating of this ‘play’ got a little out of hand and this is because of competing methods. Some wanted to create the biggest set of extremes by moving from the base level of reality into the highest form of balance and harmony, others wanted to create the “set” based on the most chaos and disharmony that could be generated from the consensus view of reality. So, the two have been at play ever since.
Of course, this is not so easy to comprehend. This resulted in the generation of entire military forces, colonies, sub-species, autonomous mind-control agents, chemical warfare, unconventional or psychological warfare methods, scalar machinery, quantum viewing devices, instant healing and generation, so and so forth.
Mainly, this chapter will cover the technological and interuniversal nature of the so called “dark forces” or the “dark faction”, and their inclination towards allowing and enabling the degradation, deception, and destruction of harmony. These are the forces that have taken control over Earth in this era and this is basically part of the “playbill” for this reality show we call Earth.
Do not get too swept away, however, do not take this too lightly. Yes, this is a show, however, again, if reality was a show, would you want to watch a 9 hour marathon of “The Dark Forces Take Earth” for the rest of your life here? Probably not, and remember, your life is your genetics. So as long as your genetics are here, they are watching a show. This show is live-updating no matter how I will inform you that free-will is a kind of illusion. The possibilities can be changed, however, they already exist as another scene in the show!
This doesn’t go too deeply into the nature of so called created beings, the sub-human races, the sub-species of humanoids, the underground races, so and so forth, however these will be covered in later chapters.
Remember, I was informed that the reason I am capable of bringing this information to you is because the war is already over and the humans have won. However, this does not indicate that there is no pain and suffering to come because every individual person contains a battle within themselves. This is the battle of the true self and false-self and every action, or non-action, emotion, feeling and vocalization is a move in this game of life.

AnkerThe Claim

Those of the dark propose to us that they are merely providing a backdrop which supports the enjoyable aspects of existence by means of contrast. They are providing a civilization-wide ‘test’ so to find a suitable class of this society capable of cleaving the darkness and producing true neutrality without allowing themselves to be polarized to either side.
They are merely presenting a projection and a means of ‘thickening’ the plot of the universe so that humanity has some way of rising up out of the darkness and showing strength, courage, and humility. Without the darkness, what is there to rise up out of?
There is the regular, every day ignorance and struggle, however they felt that this would only propel Earth forward for a short period of time before we forgot of the dept of the contrast produced from such a regular cycling of awareness and so they sough to produce the most empowering, the most long-lasting and spiritually invigorating show ever.
Of course, this nearly resulted in the absolute destruction of the universe. The rest is history, but that is the claim. This is merely a show, we are merely aspects of one larger cosmic mind. There is no true death. There is only forgetfulness, and we have already forgotten who we are altogether, so how much worse can it get? That is the reasoning with this.
There are truths to this, however there are also deceptions and this is that, for instance, since this is all a show, then who permits the ‘dark side’ to do their deeds or rescinds when they realize that they can go no further? If they were caught, and the show was “over” who’s to say they wouldn’t then continue on the show? Understand the question?
If the show is to produce the most chaos and disharmony on their behalf, then who’s to say the show is ever over? Who’s to say what is ‘out of bounds’?
There are two notions to share here with you today.
That is that there is a land of ‘truce’ which has been decided upon and was apparently always in existence as a kind of ‘central outpost’ from which all outwardly projections of the universe derive. In this place, there is no polarization possible. This is serious. This world is polarized. So this place, is in the center of all polarized extremes, meaning, it’s a neutral zone.
The way this was described, and I do have my own memories of this place, is that if a person were to become ‘polarized’ in this place, they would instantly be thrust outward to the boundaries of this location if by means of some electromagnetic force propelling them along. So this place is ‘guarded’ if you will, by the electromagnetic directed force (vector) of polarization which would appear like a pair of crossed blazing swords.

AnkerThe Truce

I was informed that not only does this place exist and that people have been there throughout the course of history as this place is timeless, as time itself is a form of polarization dud to electromagnetic fluctuations in this local-environment, but that there was a kind of truce.

Secondary Note: Deceptions

There are deceptive programs which are largely through cloning and simulated environments. These are made to mimic the real safe-zone which is a neutral area of the universe. These are colonies where there are “no rules” and that is the name of the game. As such, anything goes, and chaos reigns. Know that these deceptions exist.

AnkerThe Time of the Revival

There is a projected time which we appear to be nearing now which is defined by the reduction of polarization and the reappearance of neutrality in the land. Instead wars, there is unity, instead of deception and separation, there is truth and there is completion. This is a time where the local-environment of this realm is no longer pushed towards these polarized means and this is produced simultaneously by a clearing out effect as well as a all in one neutralization of polarization in civilization.
This was the goal of every civilization previous, and each one came close enough but this time is projected to be the time where this is possible because of the amount of knowledge and the technological means of the like we are communicating through at this very moment.

AnkerThe Collapse of Time

Just to reflect back on this, the proposed ‘collapse of time’ scenario where the artificial timelines are erased may not be the most suitable response. For instance, if they are erased, how will we know that they happened or how to avoid them in the future? Would they never be possible again?
Other versions of this have been projected where we heal the timeline from the inside out and this in effect nullifies the paradox, provides a solution, without actually erasing anything. It makes it as if it never was, and in so doing, it truly never was. This is more complicated and will be explained in later chapters, if in this combined release, at all.

AnkerThe True Meaning of this Timeline

Those who search will find that the true meaning is not to induce chaos or an inversion principle for control but to find those who are capable of withstanding such experiences and pave the way for the future.
This is known by application. To continue to destroy after those who are capable are found would be to push the limit to the point of even taking the system of chaos and generating chaos. That is not empowering. Directly so, no one actually benefits from that.
So if one believes that there are powerful elements controlling the world by chaos, then you must also believe that this layer of chaos is only a surface level which is an act by which to produce a way of defining the strong from the weak, the seeing from the deaf and dumb because true chaos would not be profitable. True chaos would not have a carefully controlled and managed system to produce and encourage contrast for thousands of years. That is merely a very carefully managed system that disguises itself as chaos. And in doing so, becomes the most prominent system to ever grace Earth other than the entirety of life itself. One system, is truly based upon the other, and in such, people will get confused as to try and derive meaning from the question of who was first.
Did the knowledge, that leads the system of men (through the womb evermore), which organizes itself similar to eco-systems and the elements of matter and energy come first? Or did the eco-systems and elements of matter and energy come before…the knowledge of which?

AnkerTwo Paths

AnkerRecalibration Through Chaos

One could look at the pathways to neutralization as one that creates a greater calamity and a creator intensity of polarization which then makes the previous level of polarization seem subtle in contrast to. This is via recalibration towards the extremes, instead of towards neutrality. This has been happening consecutively and non-stop since civilization began, eons ago. Each layer, each time, each new nation there were and more extremes, contrasts, oppressions, and joys from which to gauge life and thus each new layer made the previous look small by comparison. This continued and continued until we are in the situation we are in now.
Eventually, this will lead to ultimate chaos, or some kind of ultimate order, there cannot be both, that would be too unstable like a mass of explosive material and eventually the entire amount of deflagrate where there is suitable critical mass reached. This is related to spiritual alchemy, even talks of “luke-warm” and “ice” or “water”. Once there is sufficient critical mass of combined, reactive elements, the spiritual fire ignites, and this is the supreme element in this realm. This is a literal effect and is related to a sacred process within the fields of energy. Those who know this, will know because they are guided to this knowledge, those who are not meant to know, will use it to destroy themselves and the world around them. One produced harmony, or produces chaos, by default.
Harmony is a result of neutralization, not of polarization. Polarization is by default, thus chaos is bey default.

AnkerRecalibration Through Harmony

The other path is through neutralization and thus a recalibration through harmony. Instead of pushing the limits of the extremes to further extremes which make the previous calamity look small by nature and moving from there, there is a reducing of the chaos, of polarization and this is through an introduction of harmony.

AnkerHarmony is The Path of Neutralization

The only way to produce this effect is through harmonious neutralization of polarity. That’s it, there is no faking, there is no side-route. Anything to add to the fray, to the complexity, to the polarization is just slowly developing another layer after another layer of forgetfulness and non-reality to cover the truth.
The truth is the true nature of how energy must be manipulated to produce continual disharmony, war, and fear based patterning. That this is not the choice, the free-will (yes there is a way to produce true free-will, but this, is, ironically not as much by choice) of a civilization to be in suffering yet this is a possession, an infestation, a spiritual dis-ease to be this way.


So as you can see, civilizations take two pathways and often one and then the other. They either move through the ever increasing amounts of polarization and contrast through regeneration of ideals forwards and forwards until the complexity and unyielded energy within bursts forth as if some kind of atomic or chemical reaction and all the energy and light is yielded forth at once in a bitter burning out of possibilities. Or this continues in ever increasing cycles in a controlled manner through the introduction of some kind of larger control mechanism.
Now, most agree, the secret societies merely arrived at this future before the others and the sad result was that they had to sit there and wait for the rest of humanity for a few thousand years which quickly became millennia. Of course, times change and so the ‘future’ quickly became the degraded sub-reality of what once could’ve been as times began exchanging information, then soldiers, and then warfare and everything developed into the situation that we perceive today. There is no real fault to blame, this is pretty much the way the universe developed as if a fabrige egg painting spun itself around in a centrifuge and the result was a multi-dimensional, layered collection of realities within realities.
Things always get sorted out because the eggs go in, the same way the come out. We can bounce around for as long as we want, but eventually everything goes back int the way it came.

AnkerPreface 2.491: The Creative Force- The Larger Self of Divine Responsibility (or divine responsibility of the larger self)

This is the force of creativity that supersedes all sub-layer realities and must be there for the duality interplay to exist at all. This layer of reality is truly from a neutral standpoint and therefore must allow both polarities to exist in order for either one to exist. There is a respect towards what each polarity represents, but there is not a favoritism to one or the other.
This is the force that prevails when the “GUI” and the encoded level, the spiritual layers and the material combine into one experience.
This divinely responsible self is neither at home nor away, polarized in action, nor relaxed and at play. This is the dreaming self awake and silently portrayed by all aspects of the surroundings. Now after that reprieve from oppression, let us continue with the darker aspects which are to be covered. I must say, I am leaving these sections short, simply because this is not the focus of the initial portion of this chapter.

AnkerChapter 2.5: The Fallen and Their Technology

This is only partial. A more complete explanation will be fulfilled through later sections. These are the basics, and even then, only a portion of the whole picture. Years are required to fully comprehend the nature of what has taken place and has gone on for millennia. Entire civilizations have risen and fallen, entire colonies have been born. Thousands of years of advanced technology have been generated and the corresponding understanding of the universe, consciousness, and existence.
This is also partially a distraction. There are explanations that high forms of technology, especially the technology that is not required to achieve homeostasis is delivered by those who are referenced as “the fallen”. There are explanations that this is a ‘cover’ to distort the idea of who is truly who and who the enemies are. There are also explanations that these are technologically advanced beings who jumped timelines in order to maintain their power and have grown to sustain themselves by corrupting organic timelines and organic sentient beings and usurping their natural power which comes from the original creative force. Whether this is accidental from the use of advanced technology, from attempts to disrupt time, or simply a cover to distort what is really going on, someone is operating in these manners and humanity has been oppressed through the use of advanced spiritual and mind-control technology.
This is ancient psychotronic warfare, psychic warfare or spiritual warfare. However one describes the situation, there is advanced technology and advanced spiritual knowledge being applied to manipulating and usurping the power and consciousness of the individual. Minds are taken over, body’s are attached to and harvested for the energy and sometimes blood and hormone secretions.
There are explanations of the possibility that these fallen beings will return to the surface and display themselves overtly for humanity so that they may be worshiped by the deceived. They are essentially technologically assisted immortal god-beings that require human suffering, emotional angst, lust, and chaos to sustain themselves. The utilize human beings for this process.
There are also explanations that if and when this takes place, there will be many changes and the final result will be the return of the original creative force which cannot be replicated or matched in power or creativity. This force will return so as to “clarify” the confusion spread by the fallen beings who are only attempting to replicate the original power. This may, however, just be a false lead.

AnkerThe Original Creative Force within Humanity

Humanity contains an imprint of the divine original creative force within the genetic material. This is the original progenitor of the souls of humanity. This force can be degraded but not created. The goal of the parasitic artificial (created) beings is to usurp humanity’s natural power and to take their place in creation. This isn’t to say that there aren’t created beings that are benevolent, this is just a matter of perspective of programming. Those who are sent into spiritual battle with humanity are often not given the choice and free-will is a delicate false-sense of control that humans are entitled to on the surface.
Everyone who is aware of these issues knows there is an illusory quality to perceived free-will. You can go about living your life a certain way, but if you are to preserve the human civilization, then you have no say whether or not your life will be organized by that. If you are to destroy and usurp the power of the humans, then you similarly have no way of changing what is required of you to perform this task. Both tasks are difficult and spiritually trying, both result in great change, and both individuals are pushed to the limits of their being. This is also related to the underlying nature of reality as a preprogrammed existence. What we perceive as the occurrence of time is actually impossible as everything is connected to every other thing and all moments are connected and pre-ordained. This doesn’t mean those moments can’t change, but that the changing is simply attributing one’s consciousness to a new plane of data-streaming across a multi-dimensional platform. Even those new levels already exist before they are achieved. This is empowering when viewed properly, this is not limiting, but enabling as one can achieve any reality they can consciously connect with. The very highest form of creation is being entirely spontaneous in the moment and moving beyond all preconceptions and reality grids and this is possible, even though there is what seems to be contradiction with the previous notions regarding time and consciousness.
One safe inclusion here is that the middle path is the most powerful. To be neutral in such a situation is to take no sides and therefore enable only a continuation of that neutrality. To be centered, instead of weighted and polarized is to reduce or nullify the effects of mind-control and polarization tactics. This is not to say to not care, but that the path to actually bringing about the desired change will not be apparent until after the pressure of the desire to engage is allowed to pass. That is one of the main tactics of polarization. Just because we feel compelled to jump into the fray doesn’t mean we will have an effect or that our energy won’t be converted into fuel for both self and collective destruction.

The Dark Faction

One major influence of what is effectively outlined as The Dark Faction is that their goal is to continually produce this transtemporal effect so as to timeline jump and continue existing without having to pass through the gates of destruction and recreation. This is because they were created through technology, not the divine creative force of existence. Therefore once the first destruction cycle or physical death is met, there will not be a creation after that unless specifically ordained. Yet, they were ordained in creation by those seeking to weaponize life and so there is no natural blueprint for recreation for them.
If the sentient beings choose to protect life, to save and nurture humanity, then they are protected and given life similarly. Those who seek destruction and corruption are doomed to face only the physical destruction of death and no more.

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