Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trickoflight3Aliensandthelight, Death Experience, Moon Base, Soul-Trap-Light Device

Excuse the language. 

Aliens are interdimensionals, ET's are Universal. This is the secondary explanation I was given after I believed that aliens are non-humanoid and ET's are most likely humans from the future.
I think the interdimensionals and universals explanation is more accurate.
Who else is out there involved in this? What intentions are involved in this?
00:20 - Aliens are interdimensionals, ET's are interUniversals.

00:45 - Aliens are useful to them, ET's are not playing those games.

1:00 - Are benelevent beings ET's from another Universe altogether where these problems are not an issue? Do they not directly interact because they are benevolent?

Are the whole beneveloent ET's a programming mind control trick? Could there positive beings if there are such negative beings?

2:00 - Black Goo, Interdimensional Binary Consciousness from a dead-race.

2:45 , 4:30 - The Death Experience. Physical death was experience. I am fairly certain I was flashed by a light after I popped out of the body and turned into a 360 degree viewing "orb" of spirit. This device came over after a few "seconds" or maybe immediately, and "sucked" my energy up into a twisty spiral tube that shot me off at the speed of light to a "containment" zone. The UFO or "egyptian death boat" was guided by one of these beings or at least I felt a "consciousness" kind of smirking as it was "transporting" me to this "containment zone" in space or what felt like the moon or maybe deep underground in the Earth. Chapters 1, 2 and 3 of =The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space program

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