Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wild Wisdom Warriors Series | Techno-Spirituality, Revealers and Direct Disclosure


In this new episode of Lily Earthling Kolosova’s exciting new Wild Wisdom Warrior series, Lily reveals some new developments including but not limited to: an overview as to who are “the Revealers” of the Aquarian Age, Earth’s correction timeline as it relates to the Matrix deconstruction process unfolding, how some alternative communities are running false “direct disclosure” topics, how the ancient Gnostics relate to today’s Techno-Spirituality construct and much more. 

If your intent is to aid the Earth during its correction timeline, as well as, empower yourself as you travel down the Wild Wisdom Warriors path, you won’t want to miss this fantastic episode. Please share with your friends and we welcome your questions and comments. Thanks!

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