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Hijacking Reality Streams, Causality and Perception; Interdimensional Parasites

Causality is the Source; Causal Reference

How “they” interact through mental or virtual dimensional space through consciousness. This is all about CAUSALITY. CAUSALITY. They need CAUSAL REFERENCE in order to integrate into someone’s reality.

A Possibility Matrix or Spectrum of Possibilities

Here is one way to outline this: In any given moment you have a series of possible interactions, responses, or emissions to generate through thought or action. If this were a list of possible courses to take based on what you could come up with if you sat and pondered about “what to do” (if you weren’t preoccupied, and this also relates to *how* one goes about a certain task but let’s simplify this for a moment) for a few minutes.

High Awareness – Low Awareness

On this possible list you have a spectrum of awareness and intentions. On this spectrum you have a gradient of intensity of high-awareness to low awareness. When one is in low-awareness, and they realize they are being manipulated, they often become reactive. Anger is a destructive emotion which can free one from bondage if directed properly and so sadness or fear is desired instead by programmers who use this system to take power from others (literally as a harvesting system).

Free-Will and True Self Are Creative Aspects

On this spectrum of awareness within a list of possible actions or thoughts one can take (general possibilities in the present) there will be those choices that lead to increased self-awareness by nurturing the true self and this is through the expression of knowledge and compassion under free-will. This allows one’s reality-stream, the literal “trail” through time, which is all just possibilities and conscious perception, to be encoded based upon the previous information that was relative to and sourced from that continuing sense of self through self-awareness.

High-Frequency Creativity, Compassion and Self-Awareness

This literally protects one’s reality and one is the ‘causal reference’, the causal source of their reality. You are the progenitor, the reason, the cause, the motivation, the giver and the recipient of what you are creating, experiencing, and observing. This is a closed loop of creation, you can interact with others, but from this state where the higher frequency of possibilities on that list where the self and the causes and effects are all related to the TRUE SELF (the soul and beyond, outside the single physical version) and where there are the “HIGHEST FREQUENCY”, IE: the MOST congruent, consistent, and CONTINUOUS or ‘self-reflective’ totality of possibilities.
The idea here behind “frequency” is that this indicates the numerical value of occurrences, literally, as in mathematics or statistics. So the ‘frequency’ of possibilities where one’s power is taken away by an external source is always less than the frequency of possibilities that are relative to the original sense of self. This is because the original sense of self can choose any possible pathway of self-expression and this is still the original self creating from the original realm and experience and leading back into the self through more experience.

Lesser Numbered Unique “Hijacked” Feed Possibilities and Frequencies of Occurrence

The reality-stream where one’s energy is specifically channelled away from them is a specific actuality, this is not “by accident”. An external intelligence must literally target and analyze one’s consciousness in order to identify the best possible opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities and the methods and unique adaptations for the individual target. Basically someone has to develop a unique schematic to try and analyze and break a person down to get them to integrate new information which slowly replaces their self-central authority over their domain, or reality-stream and network access.

Electronic Consciousness-Psychotronic Warfare

This is all 100% like the concept of hacking or exploiting computer systems where information must be traded until that direct channel for communication itself is what is opened up to gain permissions to access further inside the system. This is how people are seen and this is part of why the system is seen as a holographic matrix. More on that later.

All Existence (Creation, Creativity) is Central To Self-Awareness

So the idea here is that there are always a high-frequency, or a higher number of possibilities where one is self-centered in the sense that they are producing self-awareness based upon the application of their free-will in a compassionate-caring state. Basically, whatever one comes up with in that state IS the self-awareness that is being produced.

Low-Frequency Is A Narrow-Band, Less Creativity, Less Possible Outcomes, More Repetition, Less Actual Possibility

And now the opposite of this is that the set of possibilities in a particular ‘stream’ of reality for a present moment is always less numerous when this possibility stream is being used to control that individual’s perception because there are only so many ‘attacks’ and ‘exploitations’ that can be used before the whole process is exposed. There is no upper limit for this on self-awareness, there is a limit on this for psychological manipulation and in this sense, literal reality manipulation. The other clarification here is that this set of possibilities that are of ‘low-frequency’ also relate to the literal charge of energy in their selection. These are emotions like self-loathing, disrespect, depression, angst, despair, lust, greed, rage, confusion, etc etc etc. Basically, any source of possibilities that will be used to create the next moment that doesn’t paint a more truthful and self-apparent picture that the next moment can be based off of, is that lower frequency energy. That’s a confusing way to see it, but that is how this is actually occurring from the present of each moment bleeding into the future and this process repeating like a folding and unfolding of possibilities that are actually shaping and leading into new realms or newly perceived realms at each possible interaction or CHOICE.

Free-Will, CHOICE Is the Hinge of Increasing or Decreasing Self-Awareness

This is another point, that the CHOICE is the hinge here. The person’s FREE-WILL cannot be abridged, they can’t force people to feel and think a certain way. So this is literally all covertly presented to the individual so that they think this lower-frequency possibility set is all their doing, their natural way of perceiving themselves and the world, and is simply the way things always have been. This is a clever illusion and is part of the concept behind replication. To clarify that, well, a person who is being less of a person by being less self-aware, less spontaneous, compassionate and FREE-WILLED, is easy to replicate because then all the possibilities come down to a preprogrammed set of autonomous responses; there is no need for creativity or actual presence to guide the changes in experience.

Lower-Frequency Possibilities Require Submission and Reduced Free-Will

So replication REQUIRES one be complacent with their own submission and conscious entrainment to the lower possibilities without self-awareness, free-will, compassion or creativity. All of this is hinged on free-will. Remember, free-will cannot be entirely taken otherwise the whole system would collapse.

The Time-Matrix Reality-Simulation

The second to last piece of this is that this situation is not seen as a simulator just because of fancy tests, people have actually found out how to access these other realms where one can see outside the confines of this realm and this is how it looks. Quite literally like the scene from the matrix where all consciousness is information streaming across the screen in lines of possibilities that are all interconnected based on the observer and the predominance of their application of free-will, compassion and creativity. These FREQUENCIES literally merge one with the central reality where ALL POSSIBILITIES CONVERGE. Why? Because life is based around these possibilities, each reality holds the possibility to experience these possibilities, if there were no possibilities for these aspects of experience, then that reality doesn’t exist and would disappear out of existence forever dissolving into quantum foam. So then the CENTRAL reality of ALL REALITIES is literally where the majority of the MOST PROBABLE possibilities and experiences are CONVERGED. This means the source centers around free-will, compassion and creativity.

Beings Disconnected From Source, Without Compassion or Creativity, Free-Will or True Self-Awareness (empathic)

Yet, the idea is that this can only be access by beings who are from this source, IE: a consciousness that is comprised of free-will, compassion and creativity, IE: that is born out of those elements. That is why others who have locked themselves out of these frequencies attempt to hijack into that higher energy area by using people through psycho-spiritual exploitation. To clarify, imagine that reality is literally a virtual environment. Given each situation, you have a specific set of possibilities just like a video with text on the screen allowing you to move to a new situation after each ’round’ or application of choice or free-will where you make a selection.

Altering the Possibility Feed to Alter the Reality-Stream, To Create the Artificial Environment, To Host the Interdimensional Parasite (all causal referenced to one another, starting with a distraction from the self-development journey of the soul)

So here is how it ties together. This process is actually used to access people’s minds and through this introducing of possibilities through pushing people into lower and lower frequencies. This is done by enabling the introduction of an ‘additional’ level situation that is only achieved through an ‘overlay’ of the information of the original ’round’ with information that is externally transmitted through a literal hijacking of the person’s computer system. So literally, as if a person is playing a choose your own adventure game, if their computer was hacked so that every third option or so on the list on possible moves contained something like, “Move Down in Power”, “Get Trapped By A Cave Monster”, or “Lose Three Rolls”. What happens then is that if the person selects these options, whether out of curiosity, angst, accident, or lack of awareness, they then go into a superimposed, ‘artificial’ next round that is actually in between what the original next round would’ve been (based on the original set of previous possibilities) and the old round. So they then are in a reality layer that is one layer away from the original, actual game system, and this is done through introducing false-perceptions, temptation, or influencing binary factors to increase the likelihood of that person picking the false-options that were inserted over ALL the other options that were originally there (which would undoubtedly lead them on their original tale into learning more about the true self and the reality they’re naturally in).

Many Layers Away From the Original Reality (into artificially composed consciousness streams and reality matrixes (of possibilities of lower self-awareness, emotionally reactive, consciousness entrained repetitive programmed experiences [false-light])

So now once they’re one layer away from the original reality. The same process is attempted continually. Each time they move away from the original causal reference where all the options they had access to were the original set, then a percentage of the original options are removed and a percentage of the original realm or environment is removed. Slowly the game is altered and changed until they literally go from playing “Choose Your Own Adventure: Unveil the Soul”, to “Dungeons and Dragons” in a rigged match on repeat.

Returning to the True Reality: Self-Awareness, Compassion, Free-Will, Harmony, Knowledge

Then, when the environment changes and the person realizes that the options that they have been playing the game by and experiencing reality through are falsified, they are many layers away from the original reality and often people do not know how to release these constructs from their mind and their mind from the constructs and to re-attribute themselves into the proper frequency set which is all the way up (or in) towards self-awareness, free-will, compassion and creativity instead of the replicated options which are only and always going to be in a reduction and replication of those original elements in order to use that person to create the reality of the hijackers choosing.

Artificial, Transdimensional Reproduction Through Causal Hijacking of Consciousness Data Streams

Artificial Progenitor-ship of False-Light Realities of Consciousness Through Emotional Entrainment Via Psychotronic “Spiritual” Warfare

The semi-final idea is that this hijacker does this because this is the process of reproduction for it as there is no physical body or form to produce a viable stream of consciousness to integrate into a physical reality. These are literally interdimensional parasites that host on the ‘hardware’ of the body and brain and the ‘software’ of the mind and personality of humans. The virtual reality game system is literally the holographic image of personality that the brain generates when ‘plugged’ into this world and some say this world was invented as a COMPLETE 9 layer distorted artificial environment once the progenitors of the original human species were ensnared and then spliced and arrayed through the dimensional matrix (a variety of game systems like this spread out through time and possibilities, literally in a probability matrix).

Reality is Free-Will Dependent, Choice is The Fundamental Catalyst in All Altering of Self-Awareness or Causality Over One’s Reality-Stream

The choices one makes in any moment are literally either causally referenced because that person felt a certain way, relative to who they truly are within, and this was caused by who they are and who they’ve been, and so on and so forth all through free-will, self-awareness, compassion and creativity, or these choices are being hijacked because one can’t NOT make a choice based on their own existence and have it NOT be about self-awareness, free-will, and creativity, that is literally the OPPOSITE of the life-force of the human. So we are in this place where there are all these vulnerabilities and exploits (and this is the same as saying you can scrape your knee if you run too fast and fall on pavement, it’s part of the duality based universe, the mind is diverted between realms because of the bi-polar or bi-optic nature of the higher and lower brain and the right and left hemispheres and this is a vulnerability like falling asleep on the road or something).

Reality Streaming Through Conscious Perception of Possibilities in the Present, and the Introduction of More or Less Self-Awareness, Compassion, Knowledge and Creativity; All Choices Feed One Wolf or the Other

The main idea here is how reality is literally streaming in from the now moment into the next. If you are only aware of the possibilities that are sourced from you, then you are in control of what is to come and you are in that way empowered by it, regardless. This is as if you “own” or are the “administrator” of the next layer of time, and the next, second after second, so on and so forth. If someone else is getting you to abide by their rules, to view through their perceptions (where they are better and humans are lesser), and use people to generate the repetitive, lower-awareness, emotionally charged responses and reactivities as if they are a puppet in some one else’s game literally like this is a virtual reality system and they become an admin just because someone’s free-will file system was un-protected, that the being is literally not only generated and fed through that reality but they are the owner of it because they can them manipulate the perceptions and false-hoods any way they like a and produce a response as long as the original observer is not made aware.
So I this should clarify a little bit more on this unique situation, the parasite, the complex nature of consciousness, possibilities, dimensions, non-physical foreign intelligences, hijacking perceptions and ‘reality-streams’ and how a whole reality matrix has been developed.
The situation is literally this simple, what we think, feel, and do in the moment is either used to envelope us in an informational reality matrix that veils the soul further by hiding and replicating the true awareness of the self through reducing compassion, free-will, and knowledge or we are unveiling the soul and unlocking the power of creativity, compassion, and knowledge through the application of free-will and the deliberate generating of such outcomes.

Neutralizing Angst or Ineffective Misdirected (baited) Emotional Charge, Misdirections (false leads, false-awakenings), and Focusing on Remaining Calm and Balanced to Be Most Effective

Remember forgiveness (neutralizing angst) is key to resolving the false-paradigm spectrum of repetitive lower-emotional responses that lead to a lack of self-awareness and a reduced momentum of free-will.

Become Impervious To Emotional the Snares and False-Leads

Become impervious to the snares and traps set up for emotional baiting and responses to entangle your consciousness with the energetic interactions which enable the foreign intelligence to interface into your reality. Do not expect continuously, but deprogram yourself from being surprised every time there is a snake in the grass. This is grassland and snakes are everywhere. We have been conditioned to forget and be selectively aware of only the positive experiences with snakes or times where snakes didn’t pop out of the grass. This is conditioning so that we are surprised and ineffective when the problem arises again (which it will, this is its feeding ground in this frequency-area of society at this layer). Rise out of continuous negativity, but see the traps for emotional baiting and foresee the trap before the snare tightens. One can struggle and break-free, however this wastes energy, damages the emotional body and there is an endless supply of traps. This goes back to the possibility spectrum discussed earlier. The quality of the traps is the repetitive and limited, the same low-energy emotional baiting. However, the supply is endless. We must become impervious, not emotionally subjectively involved because that is then when our energy becomes entangled in feeling the data that was designed in that bait and this is a ‘carrier signal’ for the foreign intelligences to hide behind and navigate into the system, a reality or consciousness-stream, through.
The more we struggle against an invisible oppressor the less energy we have, the less focused we are and the more our energy is used against us. Everything we do must be calm, collected and focused to discern between false-leads or deliberate misdirections to distract us.
The power of the mind is so great that we can’t even comprehend in this in a single moment. We have all these possible thoughts and distractions, yet to find the truth, we simply quiet them all. What is left? YOU, you are left when all else fades. That is the beauty, and that is how powerful the mind really is, that nothing is needed and nothing is lost however you must learn to quiet the distractions and find the true middle path, the arrowing pointing directly upwards while the water falls at an angle on either side tempting to roll in the direction either conceptual extreme.


Self-destructive tendencies are the epitome of loss of self-awareness and self-control and are the sign of reality entrainment or mind-control.

Self-Awareness Centralized

Also note: This “self” centralization simply means ‘awareness and compassion’. This is because the self-aspect means that awareness is always there and the transient aspect indicates that all selves are relative and that this is a cosmic self connecting each individual unit of consciousness through empathy.

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