Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Information Map of the Secret Operations

The original map I saw was literally so complex that one’s brain would overload if they looked too deeply. That one also included all the various methods for mind-control, trauma, abuse, harvesting, so and so forth. I’ll be looking to produce a more completed and clarified version if anyone has any questions or additions.

The multiple layers of interconnectedness is possibly not entirely necessary, however this shows how the information is shown in a live-feedback system as well as the actual application on Earth.

Multiple layers are interdependent on one another and each one must be reflexive in order to operate in unison to generate a complete time-matrix system which is perceived by people as reality (false-reality). And you can go to full-screen and then right click and select “view image” to find a larger version.
Cloning Stations.png

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