Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Millennials | Episode 3| Revealers of the Aquarian Age - Humanity Remembers


The Age of Aquarius has returned. It is a revolutionary and revelatory time when humans remember who they truly are. It is the complete awareness that humans are creator beings themselves and as emissaries of Source Creation, that they have all the attributes of their parent source within them.

This lively discussion revealed honest issues affecting the Millennials. The main problems were revealed by the Millennials themselves. Miraculously, the SOLUTION came forward organically. Find out what “the solution” is within this video, because, as you will discover, it IS the same solution that can work not only for the Millennials, but…for all of humanity!

With this solution in hand and offered now, more so than ever, the realization of humanity’s full potential may be realized. The time to act is now. Do so with pure intention to aid your desired outcome.

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