Monday, March 27, 2017

Spirit Science 33_2 ~ A Closer Look at Food


As we continue our journey into physical health, let us take a look at what for most of us, is already in our bodies. More specifically, how we can optimize our bodies by getting rid of that which does not support us, and giving ourselves that which does! 

Todays episode dives deep into the nature of by far our largest eaten food-group, processed food. The definition of processed foods are actually anything that has been altered from its original natural form, however, most of the food available to us today is more than just "chopped up" as far as processing goes, but often add tremendous amounts of salt, sugar, and fat to the food, in order to maximize addictiveness and increase shelf life of the product. 

This is something we as a collective need to discuss, so let's do it! 

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