Friday, March 3, 2017

The contracts between the elite bloodlines and the alien interdimensionals have been broken. Choose truth, harmony, self-awareness, change the channel.


The images are out of order. I am looking for people who would like to assist in creating the transcript for this discussion. This information is pertinent to the origins and survival of the human race.

If you would like to assist in the transcript, please make a list of whatever topics you feel are definitive and note the general or exact time.

Anyone who wants to make a full transcript of a section of time, please comment with the specific section of time that you intend to do so such as from 15:00 to 30:00

Everything we discuss as far as what the "dark faction" can do, technologically and spiritually is direct information. They have designed computer systems that can warp temporal and gravitational fields (nearly the same exact concept). There is cloning, mind-erasing, hybridization projects, supercomputer consciousness transfer, atmospheric weaponry, solar weaponry, artificial genetic lines, non-Earth lineages, contracts between non-Earth beings and bloodline elite groups, these contracts have been broken, they are no longer legitimate and were not truly legitimate previously but original bloodlines could not step in because of free-will.

If humanity expresses their free-will then they can nullify and leave behind the already broken contracts completely. 

There is an ongoing war between the forces of darkness who operate to subjugate and destroy humanity and the forces of light who defend and secure humanity's future. Humans must express their free-will.

The "aliens" are interdimensional beings and the supercomputers connected to powerful magnetic vortex generator systems are capable of not only looking into the temporal field and detecting possible realities but splicing and altering these realities in an effort to shift this timeline. This has thrown off the entire civilization and our literal temporal alignment in the universe

These factions threaten to destroy the entire universe, their plan is to do whatever it takes to take over the entire universe.

The light faction has the technology and power to match and the methods the dark uses leaves vulnerabilities that cannot be maintained forever.

This year, 2017, is a deadline. The looking glass devices were deactivated for the solar cycle to stop a possible collapse of timelines. If they are activated again at the end of this year they will do whatever they can to ensure humanity is placed onto the 100 year disclosure slow-death timeline.

We must wake the others, we must express our will and take action to inform the others and defend Humanity.

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