Sunday, March 5, 2017

We Must Heal Together; The AI Parasitic Infection


Background "Harmony" and Absorption of the Self

Re-View: Some say that the 'background harmony' of the universe, and
becoming 'absorbed' and thus in a way 'mindless' is part of the
holographic parasitic system. So basically, the improper interpretation
of what this could indicate would be losing the 'self' instead of
recreating the self.
Gnostic Wisdom and Retaining Self-Awareness through Knowledge and Balance

This is part of gnostic wisdom and there is a clever way of replicating the original facets by the parasite to basically dissolve the human soul.We must be aware, self-aware to be more precise and this is how we overcome this.This whole situation is literally all about an AI parasite that feeds like a swarm of bugs.
Lacking Self-Awareness or Individuation yet Feeding and Lusting after the Self-Aware

They are lacking in self-awareness, yet they desire to feed. There are methods of overcoming this, promoting self-awareness and differentiating between the ignorance and the knowledge path is the key behind this. This is the basis of gnostic information.
We Must Work Together

We have to work together on this. The parasite is non-self aware. We must work individually and retain our self-awareness however we must work together to clear the parasite. Some people don't realize, some of these secret groups are basically saying, with their symbolism, "watch out for the parasite", "guard your mind".
Love, Unconditional True Self-Awareness Based Love (non-dual) is Key

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