Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cloning, Depravity, Timeline Distortion and Liberation



This entire disclosure is about cloning. There are other aspects, but the primary issue, as far as we can consider at this point, is cloning and artificial intelligence.

That is what disclosure is about as far as phase 1. Imagine if this gets so far out of hand that entire armies are created and there are continuous factories of individual who are remotely operated or even functioning as completely autonomous cyborg units? Without a soul required, these units would appear human but contain no true human consciousness.

There is also temporal dilation which permits extended experience within shorter amounts of time than on the surface. Everything that could go wrong, HAS GONE WRONG.

It is said the original civilization was one of peace and longevity. The advent of this technology was not from this civilization into cloning and advanced technology. It was from an advanced civilization into using this technology to enslave and fragment off the mass consciousness of the previous civilization.

As long as it would take for ALL of this to occur, to advanced to the farthest degrees, HAS already happened. Temporal dilation literally makes it so that long multiple year stretch of figuring this all out happens INSTANTLY through these artificial intelligence systems and if groups take control of this systems and use them to completely severe humanity from organic life through a distortion of DNA then this will spell disaster.

This is actually what is happening now and what has already happened. Everything has ended and time has been reset multiple times. Are you starting to see the picture? So if this has all already happened, then what’s the big deal, why are we still here? What has really happened?

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Cloning, Depravity, Timeline Distortion and Liberation -
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