Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dr. Umar Johnson & Sevan Bomar Why Children Lose Special Abilities & Powers


Many people report having abilities as a child with lucid dreaming, astral traveling dimensions, time travel and, you name it. Everything that can be associated with being enlightened many people report being able to do this as a child. The thing is as we get older; Why as we get older do those Powers seem to dissipate?

People say there's a lot of reasons but the top reason why those abilities go dormant is because of our beliefs starts becoming tampered with as we're growing up through brainwashing. Belief in yourself believe in this reality believe in others around us is extremely positive and we look at everything as an adventure.


We don't really have a sound idea of what danger is. In fact we in most cases many children have never experienced tdeath before . In many cases they have not and there is no sound idea that I'm going to die so they don't focus on it. The mind is free it is free of much of the program in addition it's free of a lot of the judging that wastes our power and I will power in general. So, this is very important to talk about; notice how we start to take on a pessimistic attitude and in every chance it could be something simple like going to the store and then all of a sudden something says what if I get hurt? Or, get into an accident and the mind is like whoa where did that thought come from? Another example is you just sold a product everything's going well and all of a sudden something says but what if they return it. 

Deprogram Your Mind

So what we begin to notice is there is an antithesis that becomes more prevalent in our mind mindset as we get older. This is the results as we get older this is a direct result of not only our own action but the negative experience in the reality versus children tend not to have those thoughts at all. They will jump off a building and still not be afraid to get hurt. 
So, all of the extra pessimism that has been added to our consciousness is what begins to hinder those abilities and that is the most instrumental in taking us away from our power so how do we restore the power?

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We now need to learn how to reprogram yourself. What this allows you to do is learn about your hypothalamus. Which is in the center of the brain many people think of the pineal gland the central force in the brain that allows us to see the spiritual world and all there is to say but in order for the plan to operate in this way we have to the thalamus gland which is the real time game that determines what we see and what we don't see so even within our own subconscious programming the things that are roaming around in reality right now we took out if we don't want to see especially things like negative energy so the thalamus is responsible for regulating the balance so we traded to tune itself to the right side in the logic side of the brain so that we don't have to deal with the things we don't want to see and also the thalamus in the pineal gland need to be working in conjunction there's also the hypothalamus the thalamus and the pineal gland which all need to be working in conjunction in order for one to become fully perceptive of the spiritual reality on any kind of consistent basis.

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