Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Etheric Cleanse

DrVirtual7 Subliminal Program Etheric Cleanse


Etheric Cleanse Repairs The Four Body System. Scientific Research And Development Has Proven That The Power Of The Mind Has A Direct Impact On The Body Form. The Text In Video Is Down Sized From The Actual Script Spoken. Etheric Cleanse Video Is Listed In The Category-Entertainment. Listening Instructions Are As Follows: One-Two Times Per Week And For The Next Thirty Days Make Sure To Get Extra Rest Go To Bed Early Sleep In Take Naps And As Or Needed Etc. Drink Extra Amounts Of Water. This Audio Recording Is Considered Like Taking Your Vehicle In For A Two Hundred Thousand Mile Over Haul Or Tune-up. It Is Also Considered Psychic Surgery Repairs Irritations, Leaks, Holes And Spots. It Is Ok To Listen To Other Recordings Of Chakra Repair And Subliminals On Dissolving Fear And Worry, Solfeggio Frequencies Etc This Will Enhance This Recording. You May Feel A Slight Shift In Your Center Point After Listening Once Or Twice A Re-Alignment Is In Progress It Will Pass Eventually Due To Leaving Many Soul Fragments That Belong To You Scattered In Various Places In Times Past.You May Experience Dreams That Appear Irrelevant But Are Very Much You On Various Parallel Lines. Disclaimer: DrVirtual7 Shall Not Be Held Responsible Liable In Any Way Shape Or Form For Improper Use Of This Program Use At Your Own Risk. Do Not Use If You Are Pregnant. Please Follow The Instructions. Use With Or Without Headphones -Ear Buds.

Music Credits To
Sava Marinkovic
Shamil ElvinHeim
Paul And The Stretch

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