Friday, April 21, 2017

Everything You Don't Want To Know About New Zealand


Everything You DON'T Want To Know About NZ, Vinny Eastwood With Alfred Webre

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Vinny Eastwood
Alfred Webre
New Zealand's #1 earner is tourism, 100% Pure New Zealand is how it's portrayed.
Well sure, we've got picturesque landscapes, and plenty of great wide open spaces and places for you to jump off a bridge with a bungee chord attached to your leg or leap out of an airplane with a parachute strapped to your back.
However, we've also got ruins of a people long extinct, remnants of an ancient war that sunk a great continent, a war that may still be going on to this day.
New Zealand's institutions are rife with scumbaggery, bloated banks festering with parasitical worms have been slithering their way into our debt ridden taxen haven for decades.
Our rivers and streams are teeming with cow shit and poisons, and our national parks are being opened up to mining, so it's not as clean and green as you might think.

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