Sunday, April 23, 2017

Here Is That Karistus Love For You - Putin, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Road to LaLa Land


Again, I do not in any way subscribe to the belief system of Jehovah's Witnesses. They are serving the dark factions of the Jehovian gridwork thinking that they are serving the true creator. I have stated again and again that all religions and belief systems are a tool of mind control.

But, what is going on here has multiple layers and should be looked at.

The claim is Jehovah's Witnesses are a threat to public health because they do not take any blood transfusions. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself on the complications, dangers and even deaths that result from blood transfusions. The argument is their kids are in danger. Yea right, as if the state never puts kids into danger with their education system, vaccination programs, military services and what have you. It is also a perfect example that the state considers your children to be its property. You have sold them into that slavery system once you registered them to the state via that birth certificate.
REGIS=KING  registered given to the king. There is a lot of information out there on the birth certificate and how anything registered is in point of fact no longer yours.

The Witnesses are based in the US. Well, that is a no brainer.

The Witnesses do not serve in the military under no circumstances. That certainly does not sit well with Putin because is hyping up his military forces like there is not tomorrow.

The Witnesses do not vote and do not regard the state as the highest authority. Well, we cannot have that, we want to the whole world to think that Putin is the world's savior and everybody needs to be on board with our agenda.

How many violent attacks have Jehovah's Witnesses performed on the Russian state aka bomb blasts etc?
Zero, nada, zilch. What a brave man this so called Karistus is, clamping down on a group where he can be sure there will be no retaliations. He sends his cult of order followers aka police and lets them do his dirty job.

But I am sure that Dante Santori will have a wonderful explanation for you why this was necessary. He never shies away from incoherent storytelling. One day he explains that Prince chose the Witnesses as his public religion, the next he will give you the "real information" about that religion that had to be banned by his beloved brother Daniel - let's cut the crap with adding extra vowels to make it sound more exotic - aka Putin.

The pattern of the Fallen Anu Elohim is always the same: You think and believe as we say, or else.
Azazel is a demon, and the claim that everything we know about him is wrong is a fucking lie.

The Fallen Anu Elohim and their factions with their crystalline Sirian B agenda will not rule this planet. Dhor Kyristyl, anyone? What do you think that stands for?

The collective consciousness is fueled by our belief systems which all originate from the astral barrier. Being keyed into any of these belief systems means you will never leave this frequency prison while the controllers harvest your loosh. That is how we create out own prison while thinking we are being freed.

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