Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Op-Think Radio with Maria Wheatley - Music of the Ley Line


Op-Think Radio with Maria Wheatley - Music of the Ley Line 

recorded: 4-11-2017

How the ancient organic system of Ley lines work? How we can learn from our ancestors and grow applying the forgotten knowledge today? 

In this second episode with Maria Wheatley we dive deep into the subject of energy of our planet, we investigate long barrows in England and Malta and mysterious elongated skulls that have been found there. How the people of magnificent ancient sites such as Stonehenge been living? Could they have been one global cultural family that lived on all continents and had similar skull bone elongated shape?

Maria also talks about how electrical signals get transported on the natural ley grid system and how it connects with what is above and what is below... What is the song of our planet? The mystery of music and the song of Earth through the frequency of ancient stone structures, moon-u-ments (mind)... 

Importance of water, moon (moon-u-ment) chakra, kundalini and many many more been also discussed in this new episode with wonderful professional second generation dowser, researcher, writer, past life regression healer – Maria Wheatley!


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