Monday, April 17, 2017

Rebuilding Damaged Gums and Cleaning The Tongue | Dr. Robert Cassar


Aloha all, In this short lecture video we are going to show you some of the ideas and concepts on ''oral hygiene''. Cleaning the tongue, gums and mouth is essential to keep your mouth, gums and tongue organ sensors clean and in working order. Most people have a dirty tongue, reseeding gums and bad smelling mouth because of the gingivitis most people have going on for years. Lets stop that the insidious disease that plagues most people from eating processed foods such as acidic sugars and liquids. when your tongue is dirty with a variety of microorganisms your taste buds are preverted by the microbes that control the gut wall. They will tell you if you like what you have put into your mouth. Once you clean your tongue you will finally feel that what you are tasting is real and perverted by the microbes in the mouth that really like sugar and dead food. These microbes main fuel source is dead foods and sugar. If you smoke anything its best to clean the mouth, tongue and gums after you do. If not their is a nasty residue that stays on the surface of the mouth. Clean up your mouth and see the difference that it makes now on the food flavor sensing organs that help us stay healthy, wealthy, happy and wise. 

Give this simple cleaning a try. Once you clean the tongue and gums a few times you will always add this to your daily body and mind hygiene for sure. 

En-joy your journey :)) Dr r

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