Friday, April 14, 2017

The Fallen Anu-Elohim - These Fuckers Are Done


Free Your Mind 5 - April 7th, 2017 - Sethikus Boza: Commentary with Sethikus Boza via Black Earth Productions..,

Here is the short dissertation I gave at Free Your Mind 5 conference which took place April 7th through the 9th of 2017.

It was a most powerful weekend.., and to everyone that was there.., and that has been a part of everything.., Bob Tuskin.., David Whitehead.., Michael Tsarion.., Jay Parker.., Max Igan.., Laura Eisenhower.., Freeman Fly.., Fritz Springmeier.., and all that attended including others that spoke and that I had the Honor in speaking with directly getting into what we did.., Thank you ALL.., this is where we take things to the next level.., I want to encourage and empower everyone.., because things did get stirred up.., but this is where we catch it.., and make ourselves even better in alignment with Truth.., as we are all healing to remember who we really are and what we are capable of with ourselves and one another.., more is coming on Black Earth Productions along with the Blue Flame Healing Arts and Occult Science.., so in light of everything.., view again the segment that myself.., Mark Passio and Jay Parker along with Katherine Buckalew had last year on Truth Connections Radio all leading up to this past weekend..,


Jay Parker, by the way, delivered a MOST powerful presentation the first night.., David Whitehead getting into the spirit of a true Warrior.., Michael Tsarion with his Priesthood of the Illies.., everyone else over the weekend.., and then Mark Passio's Band via: The Founders.., KILLED on Saturday Night in downtown Philly.., and was ALL POWERFUL!! I, We are in the time now when everything is meant to flip back on the up-verse.., and is a time unlike any other time in history.........., in 2017.........., it is our time NOW........,

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