Sunday, April 30, 2017

Time and Space as Shifting Higher-Dimensional Perspective of Peripheral and Central Awareness


The sound is highly distorted for some reason, I recorded right before this and the sound was all level. Then I recorded this and there was clipping throughout the entire audio file. Let me know if you can't hear because the audio needs to be increased.

This is another difficult topic to explain but looks at the illusion of perception and physicality in terms of linearity of space and time. Perspective shifts, just like the angles of reflection in a kaleidoscope and generates a completely new pattern to experience. The pattern is akin to each life or reality and each section of the pattern would be like the trajectory through time and space.

We perceive everything happening consecutively for the first time, as we experience it when in reality everything is already planned out and already exists before hand as all already exists and there is nothing actually happening for the first time. The only change is our awareness encompassing more or less of the entire pattern of information at once and thus giving a wider scope of change throughout the whole experience.

Some say we have a particular amount of time to experience the entire pattern by moving our awareness to the center of the 'scene' and allowing the scope to widen equally on all angles and encompass the entire picture at once. If we do this in a life, then we move into the eternal awareness of the initial Creative Force that matches up with the overall view. IF we remain willfully in one little section by not overcoming the boundaries of personal bias and mental reflectivity then awareness is doomed to degrade continually because the 'whole' picture will forever be perceived as relatively too large to attain to the point of seemingly becoming less and less likely until there is no correlation between the individual's awareness and the overall AKA second death.

The change we perceive would actually be a motionless shifting of awareness from the peripheral of the whole picture around the various sections and back to the center to perceive the whole. The idea here is that the action (or non-action) of being aware of the peripheral actually turns the higher-dimensional image inside out and brings about a morphological process whereby time and space seem to generate and reconstruct itself to create the experience of new lives.

You're essentially in front of a 'screen' that you've never left at any point of your journey here.

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