Friday, May 12, 2017



Parasitic by nature, just like their creators, Archon Implants are multidimensional, spiritual, mental, emotional parasites attached to you from their physical host like an umbilical cord. They monitor you and control you with programming that impedes your awakening, ascension and spiritual empowerment. They keep you asleep even though you think your eyes are wide awake. Free yourself from slavery now! Removes Archons, Implants, and revokes contracts past, present, and future.

Instructions: This subliminal is quite powerful and at first might cause slight nausea, but this should go away after 30 minutes and should not affect you in continued listenings. Listen up to 4 times a day, preferably twice in the morning and twice before bed for 7 days. These buggers are aggressive so expect some resistance. Those of you who are here will know exactly what I mean. It's recommended to do a follow up session every 3 months as maintenance.

As always keep your water intake up and yourself and your brain hydrated.

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