Thursday, May 25, 2017

Manchester Hybrid Event - Commentaries on the Cosmic Wars


See The Black Child's Excellent Analysis of Drake's performance of his song "Gyalchester" the day before the Manchester Arena bombing:
James Bartley discusses the meaning of the lyrics to the Gyalchester Song and its relevance to Ancient Greek Mythology, Ancient Khemetian i.e. Egyptian Magick and to the False Flag Terrorist Attack in Manchester England. James' website is James discusses the role Deception plays in War and how many "truthers" have been fooled into thinking ALL False Flag Events are Hoaxes with no real casualties. Hermes/Tehuti/Thoth and MI6 are all mentioned in the Gyalchester Song. James discusses the White Draco and how it ties into what amounts to a Child Sacrifice in Manchester. The suburb of Bury near Manchester is mentioned in the song. Mind Control and Alter Personalities are alluded to in the song.

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