Thursday, May 4, 2017

New Clinton Emails, McCann Case "Solvable", & Synthetic DNA Project


Today's Sources:

Judicial Watch: "New Huma Abedin Emails Reveal Additional Instances of Clinton Sending and Receiving Classified Emails Through Unsecure Server" -
FoxNews: "Madeleine McCann: 10 years later, FBI profiler says case 'solvable'" -
ZeroHedge: "The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Attempted To Ignore/Cover It Up" -
Collective Evolution: "NBC News Report: Hillary Clinton ‘Covered Up’ Elite Pedophile Ring At State Department" -
ScienceAlert: "Tensions Flare as Scientists Go Public With Plan to Build Synthetic Human DNA" -
ScienceAlert: "A New Gene-Editing Technique Has Eliminated Acute HIV Infection in Living Animals" -

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