Saturday, May 13, 2017

NHS cyberattack: follow NSA money & motive + German police on trail of Nazi army cells


Today's cyberattack on the NHS, just follow the money – mass surveillance, data mining, Peter Thiel and Palantir criminal data mining firm - NSA malware test? European Courts; German army calls for searches of all barracks after Nazi memorabilia found – German officer's plan to kill passengers in a terror attack at Vienna airport & blame it on Syrian asylum seeker WWII, NATO false flag terrorism
BCFM - 93.2 in Bristol, UK
Martin Summers, Kevin Cahill, Tony Gosling - - 12th May 2017

Sunday Times UK Rich List shows staggering inequality of wealth – German police sweep all national barracks’ for cells of Nazi soldiers

UK hospital meltdown after ransomware worm uses NSA vuln to raid IT
Docs use pen and paper after computers scrambled amid global outbreak
UK hospitals have effectively shut down and are turning away non-emergency patients after ransomware ransacked its networks.

Some 16 NHS organizations across Blighty – including several hospital trusts such as NHS Mid-Essex CCG and East and North Hertfordshire – have had their files scrambled by a variant of the WannaCrypt, aka WanaCrypt aka Wcry, nasty. Users are told to cough up $300 in Bitcoin to restore their documents.

Doctors have been reduced to using pen and paper, and closing A&E to non-critical patients, amid the tech blackout. Ambulances have been redirected to other hospitals, and operations canceled.

It is understood WannaCrypt, which is raiding companies and organizations across the planet today, is being spread by a worm that exploits unpatched vulnerabilities in Windows machines – particularly MS17-010, an SMB bug attacked by the leaked NSA tool, EternalBlue. The security hole has been patched for modern Windows versions, but not WindowsXP – and the NHS is a massive user of the legacy operating system.

Second German soldier arrested over 'false flag' plot to assassinate left-wing politicians in terror attack
Prosecutors say Maximilian T covered for friend as he posed as Syrian refugee


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