Thursday, May 11, 2017

Robert Phoenix| Full Moon in Scorpio, Odd Couples, and the Seven Headed Cobra


Randy Maugans and Emily Moyer with Robert Phoenix

Graphic by Dani Katz
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Another Mind Meld as we dip our toes into the astrological soup of popular culture, deep politics, and the shifting tides of humanity of the verge:
FBI Director Comey fired...Trump and the Russians, Hillary and Huma, Wiener's server connected to the Muslim Brotherhood...Comey gets axed while he's in Hollywood.
Full Moon Scorpio, a high occult moon shines the light on the occult influences.
The anit-war memorial by The Church of Satan in Minneapolis: A Black Cube
Trump dragging feet on moving rhe Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
The Mars-Uranus conjunction in Trump's chart: the next ten days could get erratic.
Jarrod Kushner and Ivanka are the First Family.
Alex Jones' "bad Week"---cut-outs and swap-outs...celebrity doubles and replacements...The McCartney replacement as the golden key to conspiracy.
The entire alt-media realm as a theatrical presentation.
Serena Williams' pregnancy---what?! 
Transvestigations: the evolving culture of gender morphing.
Odd Couple #1: Bill Gates and Roger Fedderer's Bromance

The Seven Headed Cobra Fedderer wore on his jacket; an initiation, the Naga with 13 rays, connections to the understanding time; the Devadataa of the Lotus Sutra where an 8-year . old female Naga TRANS-forms her body into a male human as it reaches enlightenment. In Mahayana scripture the male body is is required for Buddhahood. 
The synergy of Sun-Neptune conjunctions re: Gates and Fedderer. 

The Blackout Meme: Evolution of Hip Hop, 1977 NYC Blackout, three blackouts previous week in NYC, San Francisco, and LA.....persistent rumors about an EMP blast that could black out the US, possibly sparked by (allegedly) North Korea...and off to...

Odd Couple #2: Kim Il Jong and Dennis Rodman..
."do the Trans..."

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