Tuesday, May 2, 2017



Mp3 Or Mp4 Available Here

Targeted Individual Is A Person Who Is Targeted For Various Reasons

This Video Is Not Effective For They Who Hide Behind Their Evil Hearts And Sinister Acts Of Abuse 

This Video Provides Relief From


Blue Beam

Heart Attack Laser 
Sleep Deprivation

Data Mining Transfer

Soul Transfer
Soul Matrix Blueprint Intrusion

Brain Scanning

Dna DisIntegration
Central Nervous System Shutdown

Energy Vampires

Digital Ninja Darts

UnAuthorized Remote Viewing

Third Eye Intrusion

Power Lines

Gwen Cell Towers

Satellite Telemetry Reception

Programmable Nano Smart Dust

Programmable Black Goo Matter 
Nano Tags
Chi Intrusion

Scalor Weapons

Bubonic Plague Silent Implant

Archon Intrusion

Success Sabotage
Evolve Sabotage 
Energy Harvesting 
Human Astral Abduction
Direct Line Sight Attacks
Terrestrial Black Feeding Tubes
Timeline Intrusion Sabotage
Dream Sabotage
Smart Meters
A.I Intrusion

Listening Instructions
1-4 Times Per Week
Very powerful Don't Over Do it

Drink Plentiful Amounts Of Purified Water
Headphones Are Optional

Necromancy-Necromancia is being performed in rituals on humanity and planet earth by very evil ruthless entities if you are in social media or the arts if you sense hexes spells curses being directed upon you send them back to it's maker with this mantra listen to it several times daily for a few days and then 4-5 times a week as maintenance this mantra is effective,

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