Saturday, May 20, 2017

Update Realm Simulation Liberation


This seems to be a transitory period or a period of increasing intensity and importance.

The goal is to assimilate the threat to increasingly provide immunity. No one gets a stage presence without a deal. The deal is to divert attention from true healing and the reality (or lack of which) of the situation. This reality is "real" but currently functions as a closed loop simulation. This is a "real" simulation or experiment. All the elements that people consider to make reality "real" can be manufactured. All aspects of this place. The only true element is the eternal spirit.

The future and the past merge with the concept of simulation and the nature of time as an abstraction layer. This abstraction permits the simulation of events of the far future and past as a kind of computational process where the data is rendered instantly and does not "happen" over time as one perceives. Thus one is moving to different completed "timelines" or parallels as they alter their access to knowledge in the 'present'. The present is all that is really there, the only true state, everything is instantly rendered on the outer 'edge' of the scope of the present like the curved view through the end of a magnifying glass.

Suffering or difficulty results in strength when integrated properly and this is inherent to this realm and situation. The groups want to be the progenitors of the most strength in this system and therefore kept as the most important. This is done by providing the most catalyst for growth and this is achieved through inducing suffering while ensuring the individual succeeds in overcoming the suffering. 

If you overcome fear and be your own biggest challenge then you are the most important data processor and become that for yourself. You generate your own complete realm through this system. The one who can outlast, assimilate or integrate the deepest truths attains the most continuous SELF-awareness. The beings who manage this reality like a Truman show take children's dreams and live in their nightmares. When the masses wake up they will either have to adapt to a new plan or they will dissolve into the background processing of the universe.

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