Sunday, June 18, 2017



DrVirtual7 Subliminals 
Dissolve Dooms Day False Paradigm

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In The Realms Of Higher Consciousness Energy, 
Dooms Day Does Not Exist Although It Exists As A False Paradigm
In 2D 3D To Keep Humanity Enslaved In Fear Sin & Hell, While 
Filling The Coffers With Currency, Religion With Politics Social Media & Hollywood Seek To Further Enslave You Head First Into The Abyss Mind Control Indoctrination- More Death Misery Suffering Chaos Financial Melt Down False Flag Agendas Dividing The Mass Into Disconnect With The Infinite.
This Video Dissolves The Dooms Day Mind Control Parasitical Mental Virus Restores Peace Of Mind & Harmony To Mind Body & Spirit

InAudible Affirmations In Babbling Brook Format 

Listen For 21-120 Days, 20 Minutes Each Day Or Night then 1-2 X Weekly For Maintenance

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