Friday, June 30, 2017

Let's Talk About Parasite Cleanses


If you didn’t know, there are weaponized parasites and toxins that are literally being used against the human population in a covert war against humanity.

As well, we found in the bases, the small electrical fields of the parasitic organisms are too weak to resist a direct assimilation by the parasitic host energetic organisms. Thus, the parasites can be used to hijack a human body and then when there is enough of a parasitic biological energy field being assimilated by an energy parasite (AI, fallen entity) then that energy field can directly warp the human’s energy or mind.

This is similar to the ants that can be infected by a fungus which causes them to perform actions that infect the colony. That same process is similar to how canidida infections will release enzymes that initiate a chemical chain-reaction that leads to the brain producing a neurotransmitter that causes the perception of craving sugary, processed, high-carb foods. That parasite literally uses the chemistry of the body against the human to infiltrate the desires and lead to a proliferation of the parasite species.

The energy parasitism that is currently plaguing Earth and Humanity is no different. The smaller organisms infiltrate the body through manufactured and artificial food intake and are fed through cheap sugary additives well as chemicals and additives that then weaken the body’s immune response as well as the ability to focus and take in information to figure out what’s happening.

Then these smaller organisms are more easily assimilated by a spiritual parasitic entity which then hijacks the energy of the parasitic life to then leak into and leech off the human energy field which is perceived as simply losing one’s mind.

This is what we are seeing and this is what has been planned by those in the dark groups. The gene is weakened and pushed out of view through a 1000 cuts that are all right out in the open. Drinking beer, eating candy, taking prescription meds, not getting the proper nutrients, not having access to real seasonings and spices, it’s all part of the show, the death-show that is.

Those seasonings and spices? Ginger? Cayenne, curry, tumeric (timeline 1 spelling), garlic (cooked), onions, so and so forth? Those are natural purification, detoxification, health inducing, parasite cleansing herbs and they are being removed from all of the human diet. That is why it’s called a diet.

Here’s some information pulled from the net about parasite cleanses, I have been interested in and practicing all kinds of cleanses since I was younger as I was guided to do this.

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