Friday, June 2, 2017


Regular readers of my books and of this site know that I have maintained there is a connection between the ideas of ancient interplanetary wars, ETs, UFOs, human and animal sacrifice, missing money (in the trillions of dollars), and the idea of a tribute or tithe. The way I see it, these things are linked, and part of a very ancient "agenda" or "policy", if you will. If these memes and ideas don't seem immediately or intuitively related, then consider how some of them - UFOs and abortion, viewed as a sacrifice - for example, merge in the dubious "character" of Hillary Clinton, who like her husband, has an interest in the former and defends the latter. Then add to this mix something that I pointed out at the Secret Space Program conference in Bastrop, Texas in 2015: the proliferation of quick genome sequencing technologies, now taken to the point of allowing sequencing in the field to a certain degree, without having to send samples to labs and wait for the results.
As I pointed out then, the FBI has demonstrated a (understandable) interest in the technology. At Bastrop, I speculated that this interest might stem from a suspicion that our "extraterrestrial cousins", if they exist at all, might be here and walking among us, and that the only way to distinguish them from humans would be genetically. In that context, I also pointed out - specifically - the rise of companies that do sequencing for a fee, and then based on comparisons with known haplogroups, tell you "where you're from", like
But during that conference I also raised the issue of patenting of DNA chimeras - literal DNA ownership - that is taking place, a subject I raised in even greater detail in my book Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men. Under current US patent law, which is similar in its standards to most nations' patent law, an object or technique is patentable if it arose from the hand of man(i.e., not the hand of God or natural evolutionary processes), and if it is reproducible by the hand of man by following a precise technique. Under these standards, genetic chimeras - organisms that have been created by genetic engineering and that do not occur naturally - have already been patented.
Yes, that's right: corporations now own certain genetically engineered life forms.
The problem, as I pointed out in Bastrop, and in the book, was that if one takes certain ancient texts literally, such as Genesis 6, or various Mesopotamian texts, then mankind himself arises precisely from such a process of genetic engineering as the "sons of God" mix it up with "the daughters of men" with the result - depending on which version one reads - that one has a race of "giants" or modern homo sapiens sapiens. That, in turn, poses the question, who, under these patent law standards, owns us? (And as I pointed out in Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men, how would they demonstrate standing, and what court would have jurisdiction to hear it? And  what about the "course of performance", since the owner(s) hasn't/haven't pressed a claim for a while... or has/have he/they?)
Now, consider all this context as you contemplate this article which was noticed by a few people this past week:

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