Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Corporatacracy, Spirituality, Self-Responsibility and Materialism


Corporations control the system There are those who are technologically and intellectually advanced and those who are physically and spiritually advanced Enjoyment comes from inner harmony, materials are just props This world contains inherent duality, the 'higher plane' is non-dual Accepting self-responsibility is required for true spiritual and mental liberation The legal system is a disguise for what is actually a spiritual enslavement system based on manufactured consent and lack of self-awareness and self-responsibility Universal Law is the truth of self-responsibility and consent and must be respected on all levels The systems are all about energy and attention The Mind defines reality, so controlling the mind controls the definition and creation of reality People, person, black, white, identity, and others are legal terms The system is centered on consent and self-responsibility What happens here determines what happens in the next reality or the higher plane Language and action determines intent and awareness of consent The control system is designed through the use of Deceptive language The system is for the acquisition of genetics, genetic material, labor and intellectual property This world is an experiment based on the playing out of polarity consciousness The experience may be a kind of generated 'dream', however this is a reality to those in the experience

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