Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Ritualistic Life and Murder of Prince: Ep 1 Pt 3 Prince and the Grammys Rituals,1985-2017


In this episode, we will review Prince's participation in 11 Grammys shows from 1985-2017. These shows were important since Prince offered us clues to his impending murder and fate years in advance through gematria and other esoteric practices, and clues in the appearances and ritualistic songs. Prince's appearances and performances were scripted by the elites to tribute each other and to control Prince. We will look at some of the evil decodings of the "Purple Rain" songs. Also, we will explore Judith Hill, Bruno Mars, Larry Graham, Vanity, and others who played a role for the elites in Prince's murder. Also, memorable Grammys performances by Prince will be reviewed.

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