Saturday, June 10, 2017

What's Going On: Advanced Plasma Consciousness Systems, Abductions, Social Change


Advanced Plasma Systems Automated Response Abductions there are good people out there, they are not to know how to make this work, there are autonomous systems that are synthetic intelligence and are here to keep those with pure hearts safe, they ensure safe transport from this ream there is something coming, like a tidal wave of change, this has been held back for so long because of the technological difference, and ultimately because time is inversive and literally the future and the past are the same combined field set into a kind of parabolic inversion this something is being prepared for by all militaries of all nations, of all time. Everyone knows there is a war that marks the final days we were informed that this has already occurred on other layers of the universe, that this final completion doesn’t recycle in that manner but leads to an eventual permanent shift in this realm this realm is a kind of holodeck system for a much larger, “universe” sized Earth ship. This is where the origins descend from and return to humanity is currently lost in this universe simulation which is a polarity based system this system was hijacked, hacked by those on the inside who learned to reprogram the operations thus the system itself became parasitic, as if a virus was up loaded if there is a hard reset, everyone currently in the system would die A soft-reset enables the retrieval or salvation of all consciousness currently within the system if there is a reset those who do not want to return are being given safe passage under what is known as a reprobate mind clause this is due to the mind machines created long ago which have resurfaced again due to the recent advancement of technology during WW2 and these are capable of enacting psychotronic warfare to literally feed on the suffering, lust, and depravity bio-emissions of the humans these system rove and continue to feed, as a result people cannot resist and are literally beamed with the false-mind which drives insanity and feeding of desires the reprobate mind clause is for those who cannot resist the temptation of desire yet can see the necessity for reformation and harmony

I know there is a lot of confusion. The primary confusion with "solutions" is that most of the solutions are literally the deception and the poison. The solution is truth, harmony, self-awareness, compassion, free-will, knowledge and creativity. Living your life through that enables clearing of the problems. 

The healing relies on clearing energetic implants, etheric attachments, unveiling and healing trauma, letting go of false personas, unveiling the unconscious aspects that control the conscious mind through programming in society, separate from the illusion and commit to this through the breaking of contracts and associations with the poisonous reality and observing-unveiling the true self and the true soul-awareness power of self-awareness and life energy.

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