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Buck RogersStaff Writer
Waking Times
“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.” ~Carl Sagan, Star Stuff
Have you ever felt as though some part of you was not from our galaxy, that somehow you had a physical connection with the cosmos?
A dramatic new study into the origins of galaxies simulated the process by which galaxies are formed and when stars within them explode. The finding offer strong evidence that nearly half of the atoms found in the Milky Way are made from residual particles ejected when far away galaxies go supernova and explode. This includes half of the atoms that make up the human body.
Carried by intergalactic winds after a galaxy’s death, many of these ejected particles travel to our solar system from neighboring galaxies, eventually congregating to amass concentrations of the building blocks of atoms. The bulk of the helium and hydrogen that makes it to a new galaxy forms new stars, while other more dense elements combine to create objects like asteroids, comets, planets and life forms.
Powerful supernova explosions can fling trillions of tonnes of atoms into space with such ferocity that they escape their home galaxy’s gravitational pull and fall towards larger neighbours in enormous clouds that travel at hundreds of kilometres per second. [Source]
The following computer simulation demonstrates our new understanding of the formation process of galaxies:

These ejected elements are believed to be able to travel nearly a million light years away from their origin before finally settling in new galaxies, as noted by a report in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
“The surprising thing is that galactic winds contribute significantly more material than we thought “In terms of research in galaxy evolution, we’re very excited about these results. It’s a new mode of galaxy growth we’ve not considered before.” ~Daniel Anglés-Alcázar,, an astronomer at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois
Using dramatic 3D models of how galaxies are born and then die, showing how a significant portion of the material which comprises new galaxies is gathered from left over material that has arrived from other galaxies. In our previous understanding of how the Milky Way was formed, scientists had believed that most of the matter here was contributed by the Big Bang.
The Big Bang theory has been popular among astronomers and physicists since the revelations of Albert Einstein, but in recent years has been under intense scrutiny with some claiming that it may be completely wrong. With this new simulation, the Big Bang theory moves closer to extinction.
“Our origins are much less local than we thought, This study gives us a sense of how things around us are connected to distant objects in the sky.” ~Claude-André Faucher-Giguère
Another recent experiment offers the theory that the universe itself may actually be a conscious organism, and that all matter within it is permeated with a consciousness of its own. Combined with the recent discoveries about the origins of star-dust, we may be on the brink of a major breakthrough in understanding our place in the cosmos.
The following video is a simulation of gas flows of a Milky Way type galaxy:

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About the Author
Buck Rogers is the earth-bound incarnation of that familiar part of our timeless cosmic selves, the rebel within. He is a surfer of ideals and meditates often on the promise of happiness in a world battered by the angry seas of human thoughtlessness. He is a staff writer for
This article (Science Confirms that Nearly Half of the Human Body is Made of Stardust) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Buck Rogers and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

Big Sunspot Creeeeeeping Back Into View... | S0 News July.31.2017

JAPCHAE Mukbang & Recipe (잡채 Glass Noodles)

JPM Develops A.I. Robot To Execute High Speed Trades, Put Humans Out Of Work

With high-margin FICC revenues stuck in a secular decline across the financial industry, banks are forced to extract as much profit as possible from existing product lines. Which explains why JPMorgan will soon be using a "first-of-its-kind robot" to do away with carbon-based traders altogether and execute trades across its global equities algorithms business using a "robot", after a recent trial of JPM's new artificial intelligence (AI) program showed it was "much more efficient than traditional methods of buying and selling", the FT reports.
JPMorgan, the world’s biggest bank by revenue, believes it is the first on Wall Street to use AI with trade execution and said it would take rivals 18 to 24 months and an investment of “multiple millions” to come up with similar technology.
The AI — known internally as LOXM — has been used in the bank’s European equities algorithms business since the first quarter and will be launched across Asia and the US in the fourth quarter, Daniel Ciment, JPMorgan’s head of global equities electronic trading, told the Financial Times.
In the latest victory for robot kind over humans, LOXM’s job will be to execute client orders with maximum speed at the best price, "using lessons it has learnt from billions of past trades — both real and simulated — to tackle problems such as how best to offload big equity stakes without moving market prices."
In other words, one giant "big data" aggregator, using historical precedent to guide future decisions, which coming in a time when "this time it's certainly different" for the broader stock market, could be a big mistake.
“Such customization was previously implemented by humans, but now the AI machine is able to do it on a much larger and more efficient scale,” said David Fellah, of JPMorgan’s European Equity Quant Research team. Mr. Ciment said that, so far, the European trials showed that the pricing achieved by LOXM was “significantly better” than its benchmark.

Nassim Haramein - The Field of Boundless Information

Swans After The Rain

CIA Targeted Individuals - Dr. Eric Karlstrom


Are you a Targeted Individual? The CIA formed a Domestic Operations Division in 1964. In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson requested that the CIA begin its own investigation into domestic dissent—independent of the FBI's ongoing COINTELPRO. | |

Eric Karlstrom began teaching at California State University, Stanislaus in 1990, after five years as an Assistant Professor at Northern Arizona University, one year as a Visiting Professor at The University of Kansas, and one year as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Wyoming. At CSUS, in addition, to teaching physical and environmental geography courses (Geomorphology, Climatology, Introduction to Physical Geography, Human Ecology), he has also taught courses cross-listed with the Geology department (Geology/Geography of Soils, Physical and Environmental Geology), and an honors course (State of the World: The Environmental Perspective).


Vic BishopStaff Writer
Waking Times
Most are familiar with two species of cannabis, sativa and indica, however, there is a third, often overlooked species of this healing plant, known as cannabis ruderalis. Native to Russia and Eastern Europe, ruderalis is different in a number of ways, most notably in that it has very low THC content, and is therefore not psychoactive, making it less sought after for those seeking to elevate their consciousness.
A true weed, ruderalis grows in abundance in the wild, often in disturbed soils on roadsides and on farmland, thriving near human populations. The name itself, ruderalis, stems from a Latin word, rūdera, meaning rubbish, or debris, offering insight into its characteristics.
The plant itself is short and stocky, quite smaller than indica or sativa, typically only growing to a height of 1 and 2.5 feet tall, and has a unique leaf, noticeably different from the two other popular species of cannabis.
So, what is this species of cannabis used for?
Ruderalis may have very beneficial uses when bred as a strain of industrial hemp, making it useful as an industrial crop.
There are many different varieties of commercial hemp, but too few of these strains are based on wild ruderalis. FIN-314, or Finola, is an auto flowering hemp strain created in 1995 for commercial crop growing in Finland. Its THC concentration is limited to a level acceptable to the government. Although these plants contain very little THC, they are rich in CBD and have medicinal uses that correspond to the CBD cannabinoid. Russian ruderalis has also been successfully transformed into industrial hemp strains grown for fibre, seed and oil. [Source]
Regarding CBD, ruderalis is rich in this active cannabinoid which is now being widely recognized for its non-psychoactive medical properties which are highly beneficial in reducing inflammation, managing pain, and are believed to very potent anti-cancer agents.
Ruderalis is commonly used by cannabis breeders to enhance the properties of sativa and indica strains, most notably because ruderalis is auto-flowering, meaning that it’s flowering cycle is not triggered by the photoperiod like indica and sativa. It typically begins to flower between 21 and 30 days after the seed has been planted, and popular strains commonly referred to as ‘auto-flowering’ strains are typically crossbred with ruderalis.
Sativa/ ruderalis crosses are also quite popular. Sativas tend to be too tall to grow well indoors, so adding a little ruderalis heritage to the mix creates plants that are far more manageable. [Source]
Many believe ruderalis to be a descendant of indica genetics that adjusted to the harsh climates and the shorter growing seasons of the northern regions where it originates. Cannabis ruderalis is native to areas in Asia, Central/Eastern Europe, and specifically Russia, where botanists used the term “ruderalis” to classify the breeds of hemp plant that had escaped from human and cultivation, adapting to the extreme environments found in these climates. [Source]
While some debate continues as to whether or not ruderalis is a subspecies rather than a stand alone species of cannabis, the plant is quite unique, and a true weed.

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About the Author
Vic Bishop is a staff writer for and Survival Tips blog. He is an observer of people, animals, nature, and he loves to ponder the connection and relationship between them all. A believer in always striving to becoming self-sufficient and free from the matrix, please track him down on Facebook.
This article (Cannabis Ruderalis – The Often Overlooked Third Species of Cannabis) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Vic Bishop and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement. Please contact for more info. 

The Cage, the Key, the Lock and the Doorway

All one can do is tell the truth some won’t be able to break the programming, but that’s not the same as not having the desire to.
So you give the opportunity and if they can overcome the animal behavior, putting their head above their ass and genitals then they are proven as having attained a sentient being status. If they cannot, they stay in the cage and that is for the benefit of all sentient beings in the universe.
It’s all consent based and you can see it yourself, they will want to claim superior knowledge because they lick their own ass and know all 4 corners of a small cage.
Meanwhile, what they’re saying is literally, “Please, no, I like my cage, do not frighten me, I would like to keep the caged reality as anything more than that is too overwhelming. If you attempt to tell me the truth, I will lash out at you like an animal in a man’s body, but I will not take responsibility. So if you let me out of my cage you will be responsible for anyone I harm.” Thus. They stay in the cage, those who offer the knowledge hold the key, when they want to get out, they take the key they have already been given and they put it in the lock and leave.
They will complain and make a big fuss, enough for a broadway show, a world renowned actor, complete with all the moans and groans, the reasons of every season and kind of experience that they use to defend their adherence to the cage however none of this matters because it is simply a ploy they use to pretend they don’t have to come out of the cage and can live comfortably like an animal.
No one is comfortable in the cage and someone has to be badly damaged, near dead spiritually to actually believe living in a cage is the best way to go. Yet, if they are forced from the cage without first making the choice to liberate themselves, then they are never freed.

Frage an Merkel, von einer vor 31 Jahren aus dem Iran geflüchteten (über die Umfolkung)

Sevan Bomar on Fear and Awerness

Kurds Burn Down Churches and Liquor Stores in Iraq


Assyrian Christians experienced a "Krystal Nacht" when their stores and churches were burned down by gangs of Kurdish men who were supposedly angry that they built a liquor store near a mosque. The Assyrians are a minority that is inconvenient to the Kurds as they underline the fact that Kurds are not the original inhabitants of the land they occupy.

This video was originally posted here:

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Dr. C. Ingram and the Maasai chief expose the truth about vaccine-induced polio


Rep Gaetz Calls For Investigation into Clinton, Obama, Susan Rice

An Angry, "Irritated" Italy Loses Patience With Macron Over Migrants, Libya

One week after the latest Ifop poll showed that French president Macron's approval rating tumbled by 10 points in his third month, with only Jacques Chirac sliding more from his May 1995 election to July of that year according to Journal du Dimanche...
... the young president's troubles are spilling outside France's borders, and as VoA reports, even as Merkel's political infatuation with Macron grows by the day, Italy is quickly falling out of love with Macron as  irritation with France’s president is mounting in Rome. At the center of the rising tensions is Italy displeasure with how Europe is handling the country's refugee crisis: tensions have crept into diplomatic relations between France and the government of Paolo Gentiloni, prompted by Macron’s response to Italian pleas for more European assistance with the mainly sub-Saharan migrants crossing the Mediterranean in record numbers and his largely uncoordinated diplomatic intervention in the past week over the Libya crisis.
On Tuesday, Macron oversaw a meeting in Paris of the leaders of two of war-torn Libya’s rival factions to discuss a political power-sharing deal to reunite the fractured north African country.

President Macron meets Italian PM Paolo at the Elysee Palace in Paris, May 21, 2017
Italy is furious that the meeting between the head of the U.N.-backed government of Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj  - which has failed to assert authority even in the Libyan capital Tripoli - and General Khalifa Haftar - a warlord who largely controls the east of the lawless country - was not coordinated with the Italian government. As a result, Gentiloni’s ministers took the unusual step of openly criticizing the French president this week, voicing frustrations with Macron’s efforts, which they argue distract from a coordinated U.N. and European Union effort to engineer a political deal in Libya between three rival governments and dozens of militias. 
“There are too many open formats in Libya, too many mediators, too many initiatives,” Italy’s foreign minister, Angelino Alfano, told the Italian newspaper La Stampa.
Alfano and other ministers have been dismissive of the progress the Elysee Palace claimed to have made in the search for a deal in Libya. According to the French government, al-Sarraj and Haftar have committed to a cease-fire as well as to a continued political dialogue in an effort to achieve national reconciliation. The Italians also believe that Macron has fallen into a trap set by General Haftar, who has refused to accept the legitimacy of Fayez al-Sarraj’s government. Italian officials complain that the Macron-brokered meeting helps to legitimize Haftar, whom they see as a warlord and a strongman-in-the-making.
Separately, officials in the Italian capital say Italy is far more of a "front-line" state when it comes to Libya and suffers more immediate impact than France when it comes to political developments on the other side of the Mediterranean, which is why they have been infuriate by France's brash overtures to take the lead on political negotiations with the civil war-torn state, and have also accused Macron of brashness in waiving off Italian objections, arguing he’s being too high-handed.
It isn't just Italy.
Accusations of Macron's high-handedness were also echoed in France, on his approach to a range of issues, domestic and foreign, with one retired general, Vincent Desportes, accusing Macron of “juvenile authoritarianism.”

Wahlfäschung in NRW: 500.000 AfD Stimmen geklaut? Verlässt Italien den Euro? Islam-Terror vertuscht

Space Weather Forecast, Quasar Mystery | S0 News July.30.2017

Review: All the Kremlin's Men by Mikhail Zygar

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Threatened For Exposing this Message + more Alien Contact, Sophia and the Veils of Deception

This video contains two segments..The message that resulted in both online censorship and my email being hacked in a sophisticated manner to deliver threat in response...The second segment discusses the Sophia 'false light' aspect, Alien contact, 'mystery schools' and more on the set ups against humankind. *Audio is out of synch for two mins around the 16 min mark. Apologies for that- GL Brotherhoods, cults, religions, legions, initiation schools- the passed down meta sciences from the Watchers/fallen. This ancient hidden knowledge has been given to mankind in part to help remember, however the hijacking agendas subverted all of the original data that would have been the Original Map for huwomankind. Once the"Fallen/Annunaki/Watchers/Reptilians/Drakks/Mantids/ Insectoids/Vrill/Demiurge/Archons/ARKS/Angels/Shining Ones/Aeons/Leviathan/Inverse Magicians/Architects/" (list goes on) hybridization project began and the bloodlines were intercepted, counterfeit inverted systems began to invade hu-womanity like a psychic invading force. Today we are left with these inverted versions that are counterfeits of past counterfeits unto the beginning of the first counterfeit. The pervasive invasion has lost true account of even it's origin and hence teaches it's own counterfeits passed off as the Ancient Knowledge. In a full transparency, we would all see that a world without it's mind/gnosis/memory cannot possibly retain such 'memory' unless it is the counterfeit versions', that is deeply embedded within the cellular codes of our soul memories (not Spirit) in the hijacking of our own Consciousness. We do not judge those that feel that their path must go through such 'schools', though ultimately we must always follow our own Spirit, no matter what that journey looks like. Both negative and positive experiences are here for our growth, memory, Integration, and our return to Origin, so there are no mistakes in what we choose for ourselves in the Great Journey of Experience. Even our delusions, illusions, deceptions and inceptions Allow the opportunity for Evolution, should we choose to follow through this experience with Consciousness and lucid accountability, responsibility, with the determination follow it through unto the 'end' of dismantling the lies from within and without, the macro and the micro sub world's of all the realities we have created and co-created. Every lie that we have ever chosen to believe and chase will be exposed for what it is, including that which it has built within each of our constructs. All lies will be revealed as the veils melt from the fabric of all that we have created in the Separation of the separation and the convergence, with the Splitting of the two forms-the Old Earth and the New Earth. On Sophia and the inverted reality overlay (on top) of the Inner inverted reality (the inside world), I can only express that I am uncertain whom revealed the imparting. What it felt like to me was an energy that felt similar to 'mine', albeit in a Higher form and outside of time or temporal manipulations- LL

It's Your Money But You Can’t Have It: EU Proposes Account Freezes To Halt Bank Runs

European Union states are considering measures which would allow them to temporarily stop people withdrawing money from their accounts to prevent bank runs, an EU document reviewed by Reuters revealed.

The move is aimed at helping rescue lenders that are deemed failing or likely to fail, but critics say it could hit confidence and might even hasten withdrawals at the first rumors of a bank being in trouble.

The proposal, which has been in the works since the beginning of this year, comes less than two months after a run on deposits at Banco Popular contributed to the collapse of the Spanish lender.

Giving supervisors the power to temporarily block bank accounts at ailing lenders is “a feasible option,” a paper prepared by the Estonian presidency of the EU said, acknowledging that member states were divided on the issue.

EU countries which already allow a moratorium on bank payouts in insolvency procedures at national level, like Germany, support the measure, officials said.

“The desire is to prevent a bank run, so that when a bank is in a critical situation it is not pushed over the edge,” a person familiar with German government’s thinking said.

The Estonian proposal was discussed by EU envoys on July 13 but no decision was made, an EU official said. Discussions were due to continue in September. Approval of EU lawmakers would be required for any final decision.

Under the plan discussed by EU states, pay-outs could be suspended for five working days and the block could be extended to a maximum of 20 days in exceptional circumstances, the Estonian document said.

Spooking Customers

I side with Charlie Bannister of the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME), who says “We strongly believe that this would incentivize depositors to run from a bank at an early stage.”

Why Might Customers Want to Run?

Non-Performing Loans

The Earth Without the Moon

Some Truths You Probably Don't Really Want to Hear

Randall Beane And Heather Ann Rucci-Jarraf Indictment

Lisa Melendez and Aug Tellez, The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge


**ANTARCTICA ATLANTIS CONNECTION REVEALED!** In this fascinating part 2 episode. Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell to analyze the strange history and the recent peculiar happenings around the mysterious icy continent of Antarctica. The possibility that Antarctica once formed a part of Atlantis in ancient times is explored, along with the idea that a pole shift took place 12,000 years ago and may be responsible for its current position on the globe. Edgar Cayce’s unique vision of the enigmatic Atlantean ‘Mighty, Terrible Fire Crystal’ or 'Tuaoi Stone’ which powered the lost civilization is theorized as being the cause for the destruction and inundation of Atlantis. Cayce’s High Technology Version of Atlantis While many esoteric traditions embrace the concept of a root culture that rose to great heights and destroyed itself, Cayce’s unique version of Atlantis had them located on the heart of the Atlantic Ocean and fully equipped with Advanced Technology, Flying Ships, Solar Power Stations, Laser Weapons, and Age Rejuvenation Centers. He saw two major groups vying for power: the Sons of the Law of One, a spiritually advanced race of psychic avatars, and the Sons of Belial, a powerful group of black magic sorcerers and shadowy engineers. The war between these two groups actually set off volcano activity due to misuse of the Fire Crystals and was responsible for splitting the continent into three islands between Florida on one side and Spain on the other. Eventually the advanced members of the Law of One group survived founded the Ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations and were responsible for the cultural pyramid building as a way to preserve their ancestral memory. With the latest happenings and developments that Dr. Farrell has been tracking since last year, is it possible a small part of this Atlantean group also went to Antarctica?


Stops Dream Police Agent Interference - Nsa -Cia Brain Hacking & Foreign Intrusion Zeta Alien Abduction - Archon Avatar Imposters-Cell Phone Tower Frequency Intrusion While You Sleep Designed To Stop Evil In It's Tracks Get Better Sleep Now Isochronic Tones Bathed In Ocean Waves. 6 Hour Prevention May Be Used In Waking Hours Does Not Cause Drowsiness. Do Not Listen While Driving A Moving Vehicle Or Using Industrial Machinery. No Subliminal Messages Or Binaural Tones. Low Volume For Sleeping Or Individual Noise Level Preference. Headphones Are Optional

Researchers shut down AI that invented its own language

#UNRIG McKinney, HR3364 War Bill Passes with No Media Coverage

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Sun Erupts Again, Sunspot Return Anticipated | S0 News July.28.2017

Beuteland - Die systematische Plünderung Deutschlands seit 1945 (DVD - Trailer)

Amazon Hosts Robotics Competition To Figure Out How To Replace 230,000 Warehouse Workers

There is little doubt that Amazon operates some of the most technologically advanced warehouses in the world.  As of the end of 2016, the Seattle Times noted that the company 'employed' roughly 45,000 robots spread across 20 fulfillment centers around the country. 
As can be seen in the video below, the KIVA robots, a company which Amazon bought for $775 million in 2012, move product bins around the company's massive warehouses with relative ease.  The bins are delivered by the KIVA robots on a just in time basis to human 'pickers' who grab whatever products are needed and finish the packing process before boxes are shipped off to customers.

But while they've seemingly mastered the art of moving bins around a warehouse floor with, for all essential purposes, miniature robotic forklifts, a solution to automating the simple task of picking individual items out of those bins has remained elusive.  And, with 1,000's of very expensive, sickly and generally needy humans currently fulfilling that task, you can bet Amazon is eagerly pursuing that solution with some level of urgency.
In fact, just this weekend, Amazon will be hosting a robotics competition with 16 teams from around the world who will get a chance to show off their robotic "picking" technology for the chance to win a share of $250,000 in prize money.  Per Bloomberg:
Sixteen teams of robotics researchers are traveling to Japan this week to help Inc. solve its warehouse problem. The company has a fleet of robots that drive around its facilities gathering items for orders. But it needs humans for the last step — picking up items of various shapes, then packing the right ones into the correct boxes for shipping. It’s a classic example of an activity that’s simple, almost mindless, for humans, but still unattainable for robots. Starting Thursday, the company is running the Amazon Robotics Challenge, the third annual contest for robots that push those limits.

Both academic and commercial roboticists have been putting a lot of energy into solving what’s sometimes referred to as the “picking” challenge, and Amazon is trying to direct that energy towards its specific needs. In one part of the contest, teams fill a shelf with a random assortment of items that Amazon provides — a champagne glass, a roll of duct tape, scissors, a children’s book entitled “Robots, Robots Everywhere” — and their robots pull out specific items, packing them into boxes that represent pretend Amazon orders. In another, robots confront a jumble of items, and pack them onto shelves that resemble those in Amazon warehouses, remembering where each one went. There’s about $250,000 of prize money at stake, including $80,000 for the top prize.
Of course, for a company that spent $775 million on KIVA, $250,000 in prize money is just a drop in the bucket if it helps them to identify a grad student who could potentially solve their 'picking' problem.