Sunday, July 9, 2017

Breaking the in-verse Soul programming codes: A-voiding the lords of harvest


This video expands upon the themes introduced within our 'chaos magic' video, which warranted further explanation based upon the seriousness of the message.

As the 'negative geared game players' up their ante in agenda, I can only recommend that seekers (if they haven't done so already), research through the Illuminati insider 'Dialogue with the Hidden Hand' materials available online, for they serve to take one on a journey within the mind of the 'cult of the serpent' and their long ingrained beliefs via harsh generationally propagated trauma..

One must be careful however to not be seduced within their doctrines of 'catalyst producing' justifications in the process of uncovering a larger aspect of their cult- tured agendas, including this mid-level insider's own claims that they will be heavily ramping up their 'negative obligation' deeds in the manipulation of the masses.

Our original video statement was to say the least intense and it is possible that it did effect an emotion of fear unto those who do resonate with aspects of its message, although on the subject of fear, I must express this- the aspect of sending out potential fear triggering messages has been heavily demonized in itself. We, however, perceive along these lines in metaphor: When one crosses a busy road, one looks both ways before crossing, as one recognizes the danger of being hit. It is a normal aspect for an apprehensive anticipation in a sense of fear of being hit, to then better enable a well-reasoned judgment in bringing forth a sense of caution unto protective steps to our body.

For those whom may label it ludicrous to be warning of inter-dimensional beings often unseen, I am confident that those whom were earliest aware of the nature of microbes crawling all over human skin, would have had a hard time convincing others of their existence before the advent of microscopes made such obviously visibly apparent to the previously conditioned mind. In the same vein, just because something isn't always visible, it doesn't mean that it isn't within the frame of our environment. Quite ironic I feel, given the mindsets within the schools of science that have often mocked and rejected notions of reptilian and other entities usually classed as 'demonic' existing outside our usual spectrum of perception, and commonly entering the human vehicle onto a form of influence and steerage. 

Our messages are intended to positively inspire those whom may have more so failed to Spiritually prepare otherwise, or outright dismiss such elements in the midst of their heightening. We view many preparing to fail, whilst also heavily placing their energies in the business of busy-ness and all the seductions, distractions and trappings of this material world hierarchy grid pyramid, cube system of containment aside from the precious Virtues of Truth—We feel that in these matters that Forewarned is forearmed, and if the initial discomfort of a perceived fear brings forth a level of conditioning and inspires action for greater steps in awareness for caution, inner Preparation and in greater Spiritual Integration, then we feel such is not a 'bad thing'...It's 'time' for those still with eyes to see and ears to hear to wake more so from the slumber of a heavily soul programmed existence, which constantly sells a myriad of illusions from cradle to many a death pledged carbon grave- until one decides to take the necessary steps to break the spells of suppression layered in, not only by this life, but also in carrying generational binding contracts, entity attachments and DNA conditions over from past lives and via inheritance that are meant to be cut and transformed in Re-Memberance- Bringing together the member of Spirit to one's flesh temple, and the marriage of the Living Body Spirit Breath. 

Aug Tellez included a brilliant breakdown and analysis of the events surrounding the Dissolution of Illusions process. Thank you for your contributing efforts as part of this unveiling of what has long been hidden and suppressed!

CERN Video referenced:

Voice to Skull technologies (V2K)

Time travel and 'jumproom' tech operations: Project Pegasus

Disturbing geoengineering statements from a Russian politician

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