Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Humanity Who Taught US To Do This


It is said that each one of us is capable of committing murder and that we hurt each other almost as a matter of course of living, but have you ever asked yourself why this is even inside us. The Garden story is one about Knowledge and Knowledge has two sides both Good and Evil but here again if you are a GOD why would you even allow such to exist and expose lesser creations to such? 

So if this is the way things are and if you do not buy the garden story then two possibilities exist, We were made with this trait already in us or someone taught US, either case the question is why and can we as a Species ever escape it. 

This video explores those questions and there is good evidence we know who the bad guys are and the best clue that WE as a Species have been given to motivate US to change our destiny.

Be Kind to One Another

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